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An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a cryptographic space that is not comparable to an IPO in the world of standard speculation. ICO acts as a leading driver; an organization that hopes to make coins, applications, or other administrations send ICOs. In addition, many financial specialists are interested in buying for offers, either in cash or with previously computerized tokens such as ether. In return for their assistance, financial specialists will get other digital currency tokens explicitly to ICO.

Experts in finance believe that tokens will work in the future to provide excellent benefits. Organizations with ICO use it as a way to promote the assets, purpose, or location of financial experts, or to create digital currencies. ICO is used by new generation companies to overcome the strict and targeted capital procedures required by investors or banks.

What Is The Product Protocol?

Product Protocol is an open source protocol that provides integration with all business processes, fund management, and financial operations, based on mass funding and mass lending campaigns. The Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows entrepreneurs to identify assets and create funds for scaling. 

The Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows entrepreneurs to take their assets and raise funds for scaling and development. Product Protocols can develop and develop effectively without any limitations. The universal token created on the plaqued form, which functions to give any asset token, allows you to make any asset quickly and easily. As such, a decentralized market will enable people from all over the world to get it. In short, the Product Protocol is a very fast, unique and intelligent tokenisation machine. 


Basically, tokenization is a way to be able to create digital money tokens that are added to something from the current reality. It tends to come from anything, from gold and land to being able to maintain money administration and monetary instruments. There is no doubt that blockchain technology can provide more prominent candor in relationships between individuals and if something becomes a token, at that time all the financial relationships related to this item will end up easier and more reliable.

The most important part of the integral calculation of tokens is the Product Protocol stage is the Open API and IoT innovation to further duplicate the benefits that have been associated with the first progressively. This is to determine further descriptions. This will be enough to guarantee 100% ID is computerized from each corrosive unit.

Our Vision

The vision of the Product Protocol is to provide open contracts for most business cultivators. Except for possible uses, this can be considered to shorten time, reduce costs associated with hazards and change the chain of guarantees. Or you can use the ready stage when moving items or administration. Organizations that do not use the square chain do not ignore cryptographic market liquidity and avoid 90% of the problems identified by issuing their own markers. You can start using migrated records, make efforts, and open new markets.

The favorable conditions and benefits of Tokenisation are ways to enter the field of advanced excellence. If a profit determines in the advanced field, it is a type of asset. Non-dynamic or non-slip welds can be considered. For example, nominal currency, securities, debt, transportation, city development, original house, etc. 

Features Of This Project

  • TCR
  • The Curation Token List is a decentralized curation list with intrinsic economic incentives for token holders to compile lists.
  • Can allow all users to be able to register their identity, from sending and requesting credential data, signing transactions, and managing keys and also from personal data safely
  • Service networks are decentralized, and provide legal and legal compliance based on current regulatory standards
  • Providing liquidity to digital assets at PP platform
  • Research, development and analysis system projects for decisions about the next tokenization
  • Free market where users can trade virtual assets



  • 30% – marketing and first tokenised products
  • 35% – development and PP coin fund
  • 10% – legal, salary, lawyers
  • 10% – technology support
  • 15% – team


  • 65 000 000 PPO – ICO
  • 15 000 000 PPO – team and associates
  • 15 000 000 PPO – platform support
  • 5 000 000 PPO – marketing and advisors


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