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StacksCity - Smart WIFI Advertising Platform!

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the StacksCity project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:


We Are Building the Ecosystem of IOT

Since 2014, Stacks Network has been working with smarter links to the world. From providing data storage and data transmission services, to network structuring for enterprises, Stacks has never stopped the exploration of intelligent interconnection. We believe that in the coming era of the Internet of Things, efficient, secure and intelligent data transmission will be the foundation and core of the Internet of Things.

Stacks City represents our understanding and vision for the future, one that can be realized by building smarter transmission networks and platforms and accelerating the process of integrating IoT technologies in the production and management of enterprises, governments and other institutions. Only smarter production and management can make the future of cities more efficient, greener and safer.

Stacks Smart WIFI AD System

StacksCity is building a free WiFi ecosystem in public areas in the form of Sharing Economy. The owners (Business or Individual) of public areas could invest and install StacksRouter to establish an area of WiFi hotspots. Once all setup completed, the WiFi hotspot will be launched and becomes manageable on Stacks City’s official website, and advertisers can directly select their target area’s WiFi hotspot to bid the right for advertising (DSP – Demand Side Platform). This will generate revenue after cost has been deducted, and the revenue will automatically be deposited into the Wifi/StacksRouter Owner’s account in the form of virtual currency, StacksToken.

  • ACCURATE - An accurate location-based advertising platform
  • FRAUD FREE - An fraud free DSP (demand-side advertising platform)
  • INTERMEDIARIES FREE - An efficient advertising channel without intermediaries
  • FAIR - An advertising platform where profit is transparently and fairly allocated between all actors in the system.

Our Unique Advantages We are ready for launching

  • 2000+G BANDWIDTH

Stacks City is building a free WiFi ecosystem in public areas in the form of a sharing economy.

LBS-DSP (Location Based Service – Demand Side Platform) advertising service ecosphere is built by building free WiFi hotspots based on physical location, thereby linking advertisements to the demand and potential investors with public traffic resources.

Location Based Advertising (LBA) /WiFi Advertising

Accurate customer positioning benefited from location-based Wifi Hotspot billboard. Since Location-based Advertising can improve advertising relevance by giving the customer control over what, when, where, and how they receive ads, it provides them with more relevant information, personalized message, and targeted offer. LBA gives consumers relevant information rather than spam; therefore, it increases the chances of getting higher responses.

Blockchain in Advertising

The smart bidding system from StacksCity accurately reflects the market price, avoids malicious bidding actions from advertisers, to cause manipulated bidding price.

Digital advertising fraud is a massive issue in the business world. Since blockchain are decentralized peer-to-peer networks, its ability to keep a fully verifiable and immutable ledger or database that is available to all members of the blockchain, provides a layer of trust and transparency that isn’t always available within media and advertising processes.


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