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Agree that to imagine our modern world without money is extremely difficult. How we would interact with each other if we didn't have them. Of course, money is an equivalent of value, which corresponds to a particular product or service. Of course, money has its own history and its own historical path of development, and what we have now has nothing to do with the money that was thousands of years ago. 


Modern society is becoming technological, fast and rapidly developing, therefore, money must meet all the above requirements. But as we can all see, not all aspects of the financial part can correspond to these points. For example, it would take too long to transfer paper money from one part of the country to another. Since their transportation will be carried out physically with the help of some transport. 

Over time, experts have solved this problem and come up with digital money, so that the classic money transfer operations, from one region of the country to another, no longer take much time. So there were ATMs, Bank cards and other means of online payments and money transfers from one place to another. But despite all the working model in the world of Finance again there was a problem. The problem of safety of money of their cost and transparency of use, resulting in a new type of money – cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are also digital money, but they are protected by a powerful block of the chain, allowing all transactions to be carried out safely, reliably and most importantly transparently. This principle of operation allows to solve a number of problems, as well as to eliminate a large number of intermediaries and reduce the Commission costs for money transfers of conventional "digital money", which in turn use an unprotected centralized type of data transfer.

As you already know, cryptocurrencies are a fairly young trend and a relatively new technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity among the General population, as well as among high-tech society. Therefore, the crypto-currency market itself is not yet fully formed and it lacks a large number of infrastructure nodes that would allow simplifying the use of crypto-currency in the masses of society. Therefore, for many experts remains an open question, how to communicate with each other, so that all parties have received the maximum benefit?! And our today's project which idea we will consider was born.

About the project

PrimeX is a new global decentralized platform that seeks to combine cryptocurrency resources with banking activities in order to improve the quality of interaction between these two systems and they could work with each other directly with minimal time and Commission costs. 

PrimeX is a set of tools and functions available for both the average user and the professional cryptocurrency space (traders, investors). Thus, PrimeX is ready to offer us a new ecosystem for the interaction of all people, from sellers to consumers, without resorting to the services of third parties. 

Design feature

In fact, PrimeX will serve as a platform for the exchange of digital currencies, both crypto and Fiat. No matter what type of currency will participate in the currency pair.

The main task of PrimeX is to provide a reliable and the highest level of security and reliability at all stages of the transaction, while minimizing the time of the operation and protect it from all possible break-ins. All this and much more you can find in PrimeX


Once PrimeX appears before us in the form of an exchange platform, it means that It will naturally be available for trading, as one without the other, as you already know, can not exist. Moreover, the technical component of the PrimeX platform is designed in such a way that in the future It can easily cope with the emerging demand and possible overload of the system. Therefore, to all processes were fast, and qualitatively they have increased their data processing capacity of more than 1 million operations per second. That naturally distinguishes them from a number of competitors present in the market of such services. 

But that's not what we're talking about. Also within PrimeX will be available:

  • margin and stop trading;
  • multilingual technical support;
  • strong and intuitive interface;
  • and many other things.

The details of the ICO

Like any other exchange platform, PrimeX will also have its own internal token - PXC. In total, for the development of their project, the developers will launch 200 million coins, each of which will be developed on the Blockchain with the algorithm X11, PoS & Masternode 

For public sale will allocate only 150 million coins, with an initial value of 0.2 USD. Surprisingly, the amount of Hard cap at PrimeX is not so high only 6 million us dollars. Does this mean that they already have some part of the capital or they do not need so much money to complete their work?! I don't know, but the fact remains. 


Of course, we have met this kind of platform more than once, and sometimes we do not even know which one to choose, so that it satisfies us in all necessary parameters. However, increased demand creates supply, which means PrimeX has a chance to win the love of its audience, providing quality services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for conventional Fiat currencies in any corner of our world. 

But to consolidate the above material I recommend to personally get acquainted with the project in more detail. To do this, you will need only a small part of the official PrimeX resources and Its technical documentation. All the most useful links are waiting for you at the bottom, and this is my review ends. I was glad to be useful, good luck! 

Official resources of the PrimeX project:


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