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It is an indisputable fact that it is important for people to communicate with each other on trade relations. In this relationship, there is a buyer who sells it, which constitutes a trading mechanism of a global market. And we shouldn't think of this market as being just among the individuals, and we have to involve the big corporate giants whose revenues are billions of dollars and maybe trillions of dollars. The extent of the transactions in these commercial relations is not limited.

For all the problems that occurred in this matter, all the participants were in contact with each other and they formed trade agreements with various reports to enable the parties to fulfill their obligations. But these results do not result as planned, contrary to what is thought is not the intention of everyone. Failure to fulfill the obligations together with this naturally results in negative consequences. It causes the number of disputes that are delayed by months or even months to solve. This is often no surprise for financial losses and other costs in operating costs. Solving these problems is not effective, but it is far from being transparent.

There is a project to help solve the complexity of these problems! It's called "PrepayWay" .

What does the project aim for?

PrepayWay, which I think we will hear frequently in the following days, is changing its existing business processes, creating a new paradigm of trade relations in the international arena, and building its own central system. In other words, PrepayWay aims to develop a wide range of commercial relations, from real estate transactions to large international business transactions. 

How Will The Working Principle Be?

It is called smart contract, which is composed of contracts that consist of lines of code, between the buyer and the seller in a decentralized community and consists of contracts that can carry itself together. I think most of us are familiar with this problem. Within this ecosystem, by legal representatives of different parties, legal counsels can sign a legally correct contract in accordance with the legislation of their country. 

In order to understand what is going on, I strongly recommend that you view the video below, which is a small example of interaction between two participants in the property market.

Together with these, we can see that the content approach of the project can solve many problems at the same time. Furthermore, PrepayWay will have many advantages. Let's talk about matter matter.

  • You will certainly not be limited to the existing scope, so you will be able to trade or trade wherever you are.
  • The examples of the contracts will be prepared in different languages ​​in order to facilitate learning and to prevent time loss in translation.

  • Contracts will always be arranged by professional lawyers, so that there will be a situation that increases the overall level of security of your transactions.
  • The contract information forms will be clearly prepared to be accessible and understandable for each of the parties.
  • The creators of the project made sure that PrepayWay was most accessible and suitable for all participants of payment services. They will therefore offer opportunities for both real price and transactions in the crypto currency.

  • The use of Blockchain technology not only stores all records securely, it also protects them from possible hacker attacks and other fraudulent activities. For these reasons, it is evident that this issue is very important, especially given the current situation in the international trade relations market.

As a matter of fact, it doesn't end up counting the advantages of this project. What I've mentioned above is just a small summary. I think that the project's ideals on these issues I have mentioned are sufficient in order to have a pre-impression.

What are ICO Sales and Details?

To get the opportunity to use PrepayWay services, InBit, which has its own internal tokens, needs to be purchased. Because it is the agent that mobilizes the platform and enables the smart contract to be mobilized. The Token standard is set to ERC-20, which can be changed later by the developers. Initial unit cost is set to $ 0.01 for 1 InBit. In total, the project developers have allocated 6.500.000.000 InBit for these sales and will not be sold during the sale. 

  • The Softcap destination is not specified.
  • Hardcap target is set at 50 million USD.

As a result;

I believe that this kind of project has a very high chance of being a leader in this field of the market. The ideas of the project team are planning to solve the existing problems in the international market and eliminate the problems related to quality. The PrepayWay team does not intend to reveal the full potential of block chain technology. They plan to combine these efforts with existing ecosystems in order to create synergy with strategic partnerships and to further expand block chain technology. These thoughts are even exciting! If you want to know more about the project, you can do this by clicking on the links below. 


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