PeruCoin - the beginning of the Peruvian cryptoimpiery

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About PeruCoin?

PeruCoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru and will allow to achieve.

  • Provide knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian public
  • Encourage the public to invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Create one of the biggest mining farms in Peru
  • Teach based on guided visits to the mining farm how the mining machines work


Develop the biggest crypto mining farm with more than 2000+ mining machines in Peru. 

PeruCoin will on-board merchants to increase the acceptability of crypto as a means for commerce. 

Increase awareness through guided tours of the mining facility and invest in educating the Peruvians about Blockchain. 

It will also offer non-banking asset management solutions and alternative financing strategies, crypto-advisory and trading services. 


PeruCoin is an ERC-20

Token and will look to raise 10 million dollars through its ICO.

PeruCoin is dedicated towards maintaining a stable appreciating token to serve its purpose of widespread adoption.

A Controlled Reserve Fund will be created to ensure price stability.

30% of Tokens generated by mining machines will be used for buying back PeruCoin. The deflationary tactic will reduce supply and increase prices in long term.

PeruCoin ICO Roadmap

The roadmap will be our routing, in which (with real tests of purchases and acquisitions) we will show you the progress that the creation of the mining farm has and the subsequent start-up of the trainings to the general public.

PeruCoin Development Starts - Q1 2018

ICO Launch - Q2 2018

Sending Invoices - Q2 2018

Factory Purchase - Q3 2018

Purchase and Installation of Mining Machines - Q3 2018

Purchase and Installation of Light meter - Q3 2018

Implementation of Factory Security - Q4 2018

Build and adapt the mining farm - (Q1-Q2 2019 | January 2019 - April 2019)

Mining power rental with PeruCoin - (Q2 2019 | May 2019)

First PeruCoin Conference - (Q2 2019 | June 2019)

Virtual cryptocurrency courses that can be paid with PeruCoin - (Q4 2019 - Q2 2020 | December 2019 - June 2020)

Partnerships with other platforms that accept PeruCoin as a means of payment, such as Opolo, Lkcoin - (Q3 2020 | July 2020 - August 2020)

Blockchain Research Center in Peru - (Q3-Q4 2020 | September 2020 - December 2020)

Create a blockchain for PeruCoin - (Q1 2021 | January 2021 - March 2021)

An application that allows payments with bitcoins in stores - (Q2 2021 | April 2021 - June 2021)

Converse with physical businesses to accept PeruCoin or Bitcoins - (Q3 2021 | July 2021 - September 2021)

Bring bitcoin ATMs to Peru and negotiate to accept PeruCoin - (Q4 2021 - Q1 2022 | October 2021 - March 2022)

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