ZYPLINE SERVICES INC. has completed and patented a unique connection platform along with several browser and mobile applications that it is launching in the ENTERPRISE and SMB markets.
These are very unique products that we believe are not found anywhere in the market. They display information about a business, directly and instantly on screens of inbound callers, as posted or approved by the owner of a phone number. Content is displayed while the phone is ringing, in voice mail or even if terminated. In addition, using the same number, content can be viewed on various browser apps. Customers, callers, and visitors see that same up-to-date information instantly.
These products open a new and very large market of “Content-While-Calling”.
ICO Opens New Market Opportunity

With the advent of the new distributed processes, blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency, ZYPLINE sees a major opportunity to be able to offer its products beyond ENTERPRISE and SMB markets and plans to adjust its technology and products and deploy them for the huge underserved open global “white market” of sole proprietors, home businesses, and artisans around the world. With just their phone number as identifier, ZYPLINE can get anyone from their “Garage To Global Markets”.

New App-Token

To properly address this market ZYPLINE plans to issue Zypcoin, a new “app-token” to repurpose existing applications, develop new applications and deploy a unique distributor/agent strategy that matches the needs and processes of this sector. The result will enable this large global market to benefit from online business, product and service displays and to even participate in global E-commerce with just their mobile number and without the expense and hassle of a website.
Zypcoin can bridge the existing digital divide with the world’s simplest posting solution. The platform can be used to upload any file in any format and set user’s mobile number as locator or URL. It gives millions of individuals and businesses online pages that they would not otherwise have. Zypcoin is planning an ICO for a new “app-token” to address the underserved market segment of sole proprietors, home businesses and artisans around the world, enabling them to benefit from global E-commerce with just their mobile number.
Zypline Connection Platform

The Zypcoin token applications are built on the ZYPLINE patented connection-engine platform that provides a one-step direct connection to any online content or page from any user controlled proprietary index, e.g. mobile number. The user has total control of index assignment. ZYPLINE is not a search engine — it is a connection engine. This connection method delivers only one result from an inquiry does not present any intermediate steps or choices and does not contain navigation steps whatsoever. The ZYPLINE connection platform is not a competitor to standard search engines like Google or Yahoo. It is complimentary and the two services, search and connect can be integrated.
Target Market Segment

While the internet seems to be a central part of everyone’s life, it’s hard to imagine that there are many businesses that are still not online because there is no internet service available, or building a conventional web site is too complex as it means learning technology, engaging consultants and incurring a monthly expense. This is easy to understand for the developing world, but it is worth noting that even in the USA with all the available infrastructure and support, GoDaddy reports that over 50% of small businesses have no websites or Facebook pages.
Bank of America / Merrill Lynch has identified this segment as an untapped market of billions that represent about $56 trillion E-commerce market for these billions of people who are primarily without full internet services.
The Zypcoin system caters to the large market segment that currently does not have an online presence, which currently includes about 45% of the world which lacks internet service, plus a segment that has internet but lacks necessary resources. Having an online presence is a critical requirement in today’s markets — regardless the size of the company — because consumers want to research a person or business online before they call. However, for a variety of reasons, a majority of the global workforce does not have an online presence. Zypcoin solves this problem by providing simple online pages and E-commerce for the “Rest of world”.
Recent US government statistics show that 54% of small businesses (16 million) in the US do not have a web site; add consultants and freelancers (estimated at 55 million) and the number is significantly larger. So making a call and, for example, having business hours automatically displayed would be a powerful convenience and major time saver.
Around the world the amounts are even higher. Currently the “informal work force” is estimated at least 60% of all workers worldwide. While about half of the world’s 7.5 billion people do not have internet access, in contrast, there are over 6.5 billion mobile subscriptions.
This is a well deserving and valuable market segment. These artisans work hard and produce a product or service but have limited access to technology; but all substantially have a mobile phone.
This is an unusual moment and an unusual opportunity. The historically best opportunities are when the technology hits a large open white space market whose time has come. The global informal market has become comfortable with technology and understands its power and application. ZYPLINE benefits from these new market realities; this is the target market and sweet spot for its Zypcoin token offering.
Current Situation

Zypcoin has existing products and applications that will be modified for this target market. These products will be the immediate focus of development and will be available in 2 quarter 2018. Subsequent to the initial adjustments to the base products, Zypcoin plans to develop many add-on products and applications and make them available to their global network.
ZYPLINE is seeking to raise up to $5.0 million, a soft cap, via its Zypcoin token offering (ICO).

Intended use of revenue:

Product / Software Development (35%)

Most of the funds raised from fundraising will be directly targeted at product and software development and includes tools that will help Zypcoin implement, innovate, and improve product offerings.

Marketing (25%)

Marketing is an important business activity that encourages users and partners to a business or product. This part of the budget is reserved for the costs associated with raising awareness of ZYPLINE.

Operations / General and administrative (30%)

These funds will be directed to the company's main operating expenses, which will ensure the continuous growth and maintenance of the organization.

Legal and unforeseen (10%)

This part of the budget is allocated to unforeseen or legal costs.


This multifaceted strategy will allow ZYPLINE to become a leader in this large open

the global market. This plan is described below and the main stages of its delivery are presented:


Full pre-sale and public sale
Close ICO activate network - give tokens to holders
Moving relevant consultants / contractors to permanent key personnel
Hire additional staff: Development, M & A, BizDev and Marketing Managers
Marketing and social activities, including the launch of the Bounty campaign
Updating the main application and the registration system
Verified network distribution and systems

Pilot tests with selected distributors / agents
Configure biz dev units for key market segments
Official launch - registration of clients on the network, allowing to place a business profile
Marketing road show and local street events
Development of acquisition targets

System of rewards for distributors and agents on the spot
Create advertising options for the network and profiles

Creating Feed Channels for Zypcoin Reception
Providing the distributor with the opportunity to buy goods and services.
Test-pilot of e-commerce
Integration of payment gateways
Testing using ZypWallet (or partner purse) to make purchases in the field

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