there is a large number of blockchain projects. And gradually they become more and more popular, as they provide ample opportunities for their users. This technology allows us to look at the future with "new colors" and hope for improvement in all spheres of human life. Blockchain is developing at a rapid pace, and with it more projects are appearing. All this leads to serious competition between business owners. Significantly complicates the life of each inconvenience of managing their portfolio and interacting with counterparties. Each of us is accustomed to simplicity, transparency and convenience. The project I'm going to talk about today also uses blockchain technology.

The Zantepay project will provide its users with the ability to store, exchange and sell the cryptocurrency. At the time of project development, the available currencies will be BTC, ETH, NXT and LTC. In the future, other cryptocurrencies will be added. To date, each person faces significant problems in the market of cryptocurrencies:

High exchange commissions;
Lack of opportunity to integrate cryptocurrency with conventional finance;
Lack of possibility to transfer cryptocurrencies by inheritance.
Zantepay company was registered in the Estonia in 2017 with the aim of becoming a popular service provider associated with cryptocurrencies. Offers a wide range of functions for the full use of digital assets, including a debit card and numerous payment services. At the moment the company collects funds for the development of a multi-currency wallet, is purchased by the necessary licenses in Europe, organizes marketing to attract users.

The advantages of the project:
Commission fees are reduced for users;
With a prepaid debit card, the user will be able to spend his assets (BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.) anywhere and anytime;
Possibility to transfer crypto-currencies by inheritance. To do this, you will need to specify the next purse holder.
Zantepay will play the role of an intermediary linking the cardholder, a wallet, a crypto exchange and various auxiliary services. Thus, users can have a single point of access to a complex financial and technical infrastructure, and in a convenient form.

Project products:
Zantepay Wallet. With the help of this purse, all paid services will be built in the system. Crypto-currency multicore supports different types of currencies, the list of which will be replenished. In addition, it integrates simple exchange services.

Prepaid card. The Zantepay card will be introduced in late 2018, which will help the currency become one of the most adapted to the familiar world economy. Any owner of such a card will be able to spend its crypto-currency savings at any time and in any place. In combination with a digital wallet, this will make digital assets more approximate to everyday life. The card is provided by GFC, the main partner of MasterCard.

Each user will be tested in the system. will be used to verify users. It is approved and licensed by the financial supervision of Estonia. For verification, you need a national identity document, valid in your home country, and your residence address. In the process of verification, documents are examined. A videoconference is used to confirm customers with high and medium risks. A user who has not been verified has no right to receive a card.

Principle of operation:
The card vendor sends a request to the Zantepay server.
The server communicates via the API with the exchange to determine the current cost of the BTC.
The server examines information about the user's wallet and calculates how much money can be spent.
The server sends the information back to the card vendor.
If everything is in order, then the transaction is confirmed.
The amount that is required to be deducted from the user's wallet.
ICO Terms and Conditions:
Name of the token: ZNX
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 2 000 000 000 ZNX
Start Pre–ICO: 15.03.2018
The end of Pre-ICO: 14.04.2018
The price of the token at this stage: 1 ZNX = 0.05 EUR
Start ICO: 15.04.2018
The end of ICO: 15.07.2018
The price of the token at this stage: 1 ZNX = 0.1 - 0.25 EUR(depending on the stage. In total will be 3 stages of ICO. Today starts 3 stage. Price of the token - 1 ZNX = 0.25 EUR)
Minimum investment: 1 ZNX
Accepted payments: ETH
Soft Cap: 10 000 000 ZNX
Hard Cap: 600 000 000 ZNX

Road map:


Since the currency is a bad option for long-term storage of funds, many people do not use banks, and electronic payments are too expensive, it is obvious that the future behind blockchain technology and digital currencies. The goal of Zantepay is to give everyone the opportunity to use such payments, and to supplement it with an understandable and user-friendly interface.


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