The ICO market is at a crossroads. Although it has seen explosive growth in terms of both the number of projects and the money invested in them, endemic scams and project failures threaten to have a chilling effect on it and the cryptoindustry as a whole. New arrivals might be attracted to the market by its opportunities, but they are also repelled by its uncertainties and risks. This issue is compounded by the high volume and complexity of ICO and cryptocurrency market data, which most potential investors struggle to parse. While there are many popular resources that help their users make sense of the cryptoindustry, there is always some room for improvement. Neironix hopes to elevate cryptoindustry data to a new level with the help of extensive data collection and neural network-assisted analysis. Though it focuses on assessing ICOs, it also aims to provide more general information about the market, covering individual cryptocurrencies, exchanges and events.

How will Neironix cover this market?
The platform will evaluate ICOs with the help of machine learning neural network algorithms. In addition to presenting standard project details, it will also evaluate the chances of the ICO reaching a successful conclusion on the basis of more than 75 factors. Such evaluations will be done dynamically, with a transparent history of changing risk assessments. Neuronix will also perform a cognitive analysis of media reports, analyze and rate their activity, carry out KYC verification of project stakeholders and monitor the actual progress of ICOs compared to their roadmap milestones. The platform will integrate exchange APIs to provide up to date information about the market, the exchanges themselves and popular cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. Users will also have access to a newsfeed, event announcements and a cryptocurrency calculator.
Neironix can be accessed through a website or a mobile app. Using it requires a monthly subscription fee paid in fiat, BTC or ETH. The three different subscription fees are aimed at private, professional and institutional investors, starting at 20, 60 or 3000 USD per month respectively. The first tier grants access to the basic ICO and cryptocurrency market data, including ICO ratings, analytics and notifications. More advanced tiers receive additional information, such as more in-depth historical and media analysis and the structural analysis of ICOs and their major investors, as well as warnings regarding market manipulations. ICO projects have access to special features such as token bidding and marketing analytics with automated suggestions for ad placements, plus an ICO checklist. Companies could promote their ICOs on the platform with premium listing, banners, press releases, direct e-mails and other methods, paying for all of those services with NRX tokens.

What makes Neironix stand out?
Neironix presents a large amount of information gathered from different cryptoindustry resources in one place, in an easy to access and use way. At the same time, it does not skim on useful details. It has a particular focus on assessing ICOs and their risks, which should appeal directly to the interests of most serious users. Neironix promises to be as transparent as possible about its methodology, which should increase its credibility and usefulness. The marketing and project management options it offers to ICOs might save project teams a lot of time and effort.
The beta version of Neironix is available in eight languages and showcases its interface and many features, as well as the results of the company's extensive preliminary data gathering efforts. It is worth noting that the company has put a large amount of its own money in the product before launching the ICO. The project has received positive coverage on existing cryptoindustry rating and information sites. It has also attracted partners in and out of the sphere. Neironix is registered in Estonia and compliant with its regulations, but plans to open offices in other countries later on.
As Neironix tries to enter the cryptoindustry information field, it is bound to face many competitors, including some well-established websites. Replacing them is bound to be difficult, if not outright impossible. Nor is it alone among new projects that seek to provide a higher quantity of data with superior quality analytics. Aside from bringing together a lot of disparate information from various sources, Neironix may have two key advantages that could give it a fighting chance.

Firstly, while its interface could use some improvement, it is largely user-friendly and straightforward, letting users get right to the point and quickly decide whether or not a given investment would be worth it. Secondly, and more importantly, its machine learning-powered analytics and data-gathering may really outdo that of its rivals. Beta testing should allow Neironix to refine or (if necessary) overhaul its approach in both of those vital areas. If it does manage to noticeably improve on the current standard of data analysis and presentation, then becoming a central information hub for the developing cryptoindustry may not be improbable.



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