W12.io Problem and Solution

About W12:
W12 - can be an open up protocol for the creation and execution of milestone-based good contracts. The protocol involves smart deal templates, DAO governance, and a decentralized oracles network, that handles implementation of the task roadmap.
The Oracles or network of potential token buyers check if the advertising campaign is achieving the milestones and let go cash in tranches, only once the signs are met.

The W12 protocol was created to be easily built-into any existing business, platform or organization. Within W12 ecosystem the parties can form a DAO of the necessary type: contributor, receiver, fund or supplier. Furthermore, W12 offers a token sale system, through which tasks can promote their tokens and very easily launch fundraising campaigns predicated on the W12 protocol.
If you can build item and technology with extra value and a higher level of efficiency, you can start ICO in the W12 platform and increase funds in just a matter of time from any place of the planet.
ICO market W12:
We need to create a more liable ICO Generation 2.0. Something similar to W12's smart contract is required. A program to get ICO tokens with refund promise if the projects usually do not deliver on the milestones.

W12 advantages:
Enhances the yield of the original phase of the job investment a lot more than ten instances through the buy of tokens and reduce the risk for traders.
Returns up to 95% of funds committed to unrealized projects to shareholders.
Provides the opportunity to limit the sales of tokens by buyers at the initial level of the exchange soon after the ICO to avoid the decline in the price tag on the token
Simplify the decision of private investor jobs and transfer cash to trust management pros.
Allows tasks to quickly attract funding without initial costs or perhaps any unique technical know-how.
Produces infrastructure for the decentralization of capital and establishes a current standard for safe expenditure on projects.

• High risks involved with buying projects at the first stages. Lack of infrastructure for simple, reputable conclusion of agreements and their execution.
• There is zero decentralized infrastructure making specific the contract will come to be executed according to the achievement of
the primary milestones of its roadmap by the project.
• According to research, just 3,8% of ICOs that made their Token Product sales are successfully trading.

I am enthusiastic by the probable of cryptocurrencies and crypto goods to improve, and hopefully, increase the way we raise cash for charity.

• Lack of transparency
Up to 60% of the young generation
Admits that openness influences their decision to donate.
• Expensive admin costs
High advertising upfront costs and fund transfer commissions help to make smaller charities hard to maintain
• Am I creating a direct effect?
A frequent question from those people who are willing to donate.
• To build a transparent, decentralized infrastructure, to track the targeted make use of funds.
• Thanks a lot to the W12 protocol, any party may create a DAO business of the sort they need, create its roadmap and
determine the consumption of funds. Each participant should be able to track and control money and assess the impact of the

• This solution drastically reduces administrative and advertising costs and allows increasing extra funds for charity and
socially meaningful projects.

W12 Mission:
To create a host and a decentralized infrastructure where trust between
parties are not essential in any the offer and all controversial concerns could be resolved quickly,
transparently and rightfully

Official links for more details,

website link: https://tokensale.w12.io
Telegram link : https://t.me/W12BountyChat
Whitepaper link : https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
ANN thread link :h ttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3220425
Twitter link: https://twitter.com/w12_io
Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/w12.io

My Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1434888

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