MenaPay is a contemporary version of the conventional payment system which is blockchain-based and fully back up cryptocurrency to provide a secure and transparent payment channel that enabling transactions for each area of everyday life. It is described as the “crypto made easier than cash” frequently.

MenaPay Foundation encompasses various aspects including crypto exchangers, profit and income system, green mining reserves, cash-out commission, and request program, buy menacash, merchants and personal users. Menapay works by creating a brand-new standard in the crypto market for the level of participatory profits, beyond the regular incentives for investors and users. The primary features of MenaPay include G2G Transactions; G2Meters Peer to Merchant Obligations; M2N Merchant to Foundation; and Green Mining. All these innovative features function to give outstanding results seen in MenaPay system together.
Payment processing in traditional payment workflow which requires too many intermediaries (including issuing loan provider, payment gate, credit cards association, payment processors and buying loan provider) is overcome in MenaPay because it all connects the consumer with retailers directly for frictionless and reliable transactions. MenaPay linked the consumer to the business with the use of Menapay Symbol.

In Ico structure of MenaPay, it was mentioned from their public website that 400 Million MenaPay Bridal party would be produced and 64% of the coins will belong to the community. The Symbol distribution consists of 5% for mining reserve, 10% for bounty and airdrop, 10% for founders and team, 11% for advisors and partnerships and 64% for public contributors. In the usage of finance, 5% goes to a legal system, 10% of the Token will go to business advancement, 15% for procedure and administration, 30% for development and facilities and 40% will go to marketing.
It is widely known that traditional bank equipment is not used in the Middle East and Africa area widely, thanks to the conservative practice of Islam and the poor bank program. MenaPay's non-bank, user-friendly mobile payment app and Arabic vocabulary support offer easy and quick onboarding to allow users to enter the cryptocurrency globe safely. The main features in this application are that it has a a user-friendly dashboard and application market for easy integration.

He dreams of this project all started with the first capital team building around February 2018, now there MenaCash transaction tests presently going on this August 2018 and ideally this platform will be highly created through the installation of G2G lending payment system which is one of the advanced Al features by December 2019.

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