Introduction to IDLV and its benefits

In the delivery ecosystem, there are IDLV tokens are used for taking the benefits of membership has to be taken on a variety of internet applications and platforms. Members can have benefits like cash-backs and they can be rewarded. There are two ways through which IDLV tokens can be purchased. First method members should use IDLV through internet application and platform consumption activities. The second method is to earn in IDLV by watching the advertisement banner and videos. The regular IDLV members get a distinctive cash-back.

IDLV tokens are used in different internet applications and platforms. IDLV team is first focused on the premium delivery and car services. In this field, they concentrate on premium schools pickups service, airport pickup, and high-end car tours and travels these services are firstly started in Indonesia. Then they started delivery of foods which helps in growing the market. They get to tie up with the agencies named ANTERIN to carry on IDLV token. ANTERIN is an agency which provides premium car and motorbikes for the delivery. ANTERIN customer is also rewarded through IDLV for customers of ANTERIN’s services.
In the second function of the IDLV token, there is the rapid growth of smartphones, through which the sharing of personal information is being shared. The information is being maintained by some companies using big data analysis and artificial intelligence, which creates added value of specific products and ads on the internet. In the future, they are also going to build their own business alliance with life utility solution internet companies (internet, shopping mall, travel, hospitals, finance, electricity trading) in various fields.

Mission of IDLV
The main motive of the IDLV is to create an economy in which rights of consumers are being rewarded through IDLV tokens and rewards. In the platform of internet application or platform, each consumer is being rewarded. In addition, consumers can subscribe to the ads in which they wanted to be rewarded.
Individual information and activities are being monitored by the internet companies on a large scale to generate large profits at low-cost benefits. Data is being analyzed by big data and artificial intelligence to establish a marketing strategy by targeting specific consumers and by creating the advertisement.
The solution to remove barriers
In the past marketing information data is being analyzed through big data and the personal data is been taken out and then the consumer is been targeted to make the personal data secure for that blockchain technology is used.

As to increase the market of IDLV the members are getting rewards on becoming members. The members are been rewarded on the use of ANTERIN service or products, the member can also earn money through advertisement banner.
In the IDLV system, small stores are difficult to advertise due to certain limitations in information, technology, and capital power will be able to purchase IDLV. Small scale internet platform companies can buy IDLV tokens to make marketing in a systematic manner. IDLV’s can be purchased by internet platform companies are stored in I-Box and IDLV values can be increased by using for a long duration of time.

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