yoga "the union of mind ,body and soul"

Yoga is the practice of controling your mind and body in daily life which protect the body from different negative energy and level of stress .
Various physical postures ,The techniques of breathing and meditation combined together to form the word called "yoga".

there is no name of actual inventor of yoga but as per Rig veda ,yoga start existed 10000 years ago.

In the begining ,there was darkness and darkness was covered with darkness then light came with the sound called "ohm" . the "ohm" gave rise to words and knowledge which caught compiled as "vedas" .

In the hierarchy of vedic knowledge , there are four vedas which are :

  1. Rig veda 2. Atharva veda 3. yajur veda 4. sama veda
    Then come four subvedas which are :
  2. Ayur veda 2. Artha veda 3. Dhanur veda 4. Gandharva veda
    Then come six components which are:
  3. Shiksha 2. Kalpa 3. Vyakarna 4. Nirukta 5. Chandas 6. Jyotisha
    Then come six sub components which are :
  4. Nyaya 2. Vaiseshika 3. Sankhya 4. Yoga 5. Mimansa 6. Vedanta

Types of yoga

  1. Gyan yoga 2. Bhakti yoga 3. Karma yoga 4. Hatha yoga 5. Raj yoga or Ashtang yoga 6. Mantra yoga 7. Shiva yoga 8. Naad yoga 9. Laya yoga
    Rig veda is one of the most secret and the oldest book of the human history.It is about 8 to 10 thousands years old and yoga is the part of this vedic literature .Maharishi patanjali was considered the authority on yoga,propounded yoga about 4 to 5 thousands years ago .even lord krishna and many more propounded about yoga.
    In middle age ,it was tought to students in gurukul .but in recent time the door of yoga has been opened by many indian spiritual leaders for common man.

Raj or Ashtang yoga
The 'eight limbs of yoga'
Raja yoga or ashtanga (eight-limbed) yoga, which is made of eight aspect. The eight limbs of ashtanga yoga are:
Yama - ethical standards and sense of integrity. The five yamas are: ahimsa (nonviolence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (continence) and aparigraha (non-covetousness)
Niyama - self-discipline and spiritual observances, meditation practices, contemplative walks. The five niyamas are: saucha (cleanliness), samtosa (contentment), tapas (heat, spiritual austerities), svadhyaya (study of sacred scriptures and of one's self) and isvara pranidhana (surrender to God)
Asana - integration of mind and body through physical activity
Pranayama- regulation of breath leading to integration of mind and body
Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses of perception, the external world and outside stimuli
Dharana - concentration, one-pointedness of mind
Dhyana - meditation or contemplation - an uninterrupted flow of concentration
Samadhi - the quiet state of blissful awareness.

Health benefits of yoga
yoga is the oldest practice in indian history and its very safe . yoga can be cured every physical and mental problems related to human body by practicing everyday.
scientist still studying on yoga to bring its full benefits for human being. as per recent study , yoga can be effective on various chronic disease like diabetes ,heart problem, asthma, mental disorder, breathing disorder, eye sight disorder, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression,menopause and so on.



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