Tronchat is going to be big giant.

Tronchat is the platform built upon tron blockchain where you can post your picture ,video and share stories . it is going to be released in the end of this year and this killing app will be surely affect other social media majorly facebook.

steem social media vs Tron chat:

steem social media has jumped such a big where nobody can reach nearer ,means steem blockchain dapps are getting built with full speed and til the time Tronchat will be available to be used then steem got SMT and many more dapps to challenge .

Tronchat will affect the price of tron and tron may hit $0.10 which looks huge increase and it will be possible because tron community is getting bigger and global day by day.
if we take steem price in consider then we need to work more on market and added more exchange with well maintained wallet also empower fast process of opening free account now it takes 2 weeks which really kills the project and make it slow to develop.

All the whale at steem platform must be unite and bring the solution to pay instant by steem by issuing steem payment card .why i am telling now this because this is the time where steem can put his strong stand in the revolution of paid social media .

how steem can be more popular? :
recently the tough competition in the crypto market has challenge steem to get in headlines but steem will boss forever if all the steem users can share and comment something about steem on every social networking platform also lets organise in our hometown so called steem fair where we can sell steem logo marked product or distribute free to get steem more aware in the society .

Steem based app developer must think about developing something similar to Tronchat to kill their project and be king of social media forever .

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