Learn to live alone with happiness :)

 be live happily when we alone? 

in todays world , most of the people will answer no but if we learn to live alone with full happiness then you can definitely will be happy forever in your life .

now lets go deeper , just imagine you are totally alone i mean none of objects like mobile , tv or any gadgets you have when you alone  so thats the meaning of  loneliness i am talking here. so friends can you live alone with full happiness?  you may be yes or no or may be not sure. 

reality of todays society is quite different than old time , people are engaged with so many technology to make themselves happy but they are getting alone from him selves . 

usually nowadays we show off through social media that we are very happy but we connecting ourselves very poorly to make us happy .

just for examine about how deep is your loneliness is , you need to do this simple step like sitting at some where with none of gadgets like mobile with you. i mean you sitting totally alone .

lets see that how you react at that time. i am pretty sure that you will get bored so quickly and you feel to touch your mobile or go to shopping or go to play something.or you will face some negative thoughts in your brain.

overall , you will feel that you need to do something to make you busy to get rid of your loneliness.

lets come to our subject, so how can we live alone with full happiness..?

before we know the answer with full solution , lets know the two different words "solitude"  & " loneliness".

simply we can say about solitude " solitude is when i want to be alone with myself, may be i want to think about life . i mean i am happily alone at that time." but loneliness is that i don't want to be alone ,i want to talk to somebody but i don't have anybody to talk with.

so , the solution to get rid off your loneliness which makes you negative and weak is, you need to connect yourself with universe and think that nothing is permanent in this world which can put you in deep shit .

if you feel alone then talk to yourself , appreciate yourself and do some meditation to make your mind stable and joyful. 

and i am damn sure that you can start living without feeling any loneliness ...



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