Some hacks to get motivated to study

Hello guys!

Today I just want to share with you some advice to get motivated to study. Here in Belgium finals are coming really soon, and I find interesting to share my little hacks with you!

As we all know, a working method can be something really personal and so my hacks will certainly not apply to everyone, but I think that can still help some of you!

1 Study at the right place

When I have to make a thing which asks me for concentration and energy, I sometimes don't have the reflex to settle down well. For example, a typical position: with the TV on and lengthened on the bed, with half undone sheets and pillow propped up in a ball between my back and the bedhead. Or with crossed legs in some awful ergonomic position in this same bed, ...

And as you can easily imagine, these positions are not good at all for your body and for your study. And personally, I do not arrive to study in these positions, or just for a little time. The easy and logical solution that I found was to put myself at a desk or a simple table, and it was suddenly easier to study and to have the work done. It can seem pretty silly but you have less distraction when you are in front of your courses and sheets just in front of you. And if you have a garden or a terrace (and that you are not afraid of bugs like me), it is even better!

2 Give yourself a reward when you have accomplished something

It can be anything: a short break, a sweet, some chocolate, some time on Internet, ... or anything else that you love! Let's be honest: give yourself some presents when you are proud of yourself is one of the best feelings in the world! Personally, it would be all about food after two hours of work or going out for a good burger after a hard day of work, but it is very different for everyone. It is up to you to define your time of good concentration and to put breaks in your study timetable. And when you have to study a lesson, put a specific number of pages that you have to study before my break! It can help you organize your study time.
And I keep watching series during my study time during my breaks, like for example I choose special series for this time: short episodes, not too suspenseful so that I can stop after just one. There are Friends, How I met your Mother, ... and a lot of other series that correspond to these criteria.

3 Stretch out during your study

Because among others good things for the body, stretching you wakes the body and the spirit. It can really help you stay awake during your study (or even during a course, if you know how to stretch yourself discretely). Stretchings increase the influx of blood towards muscles, increase the possibilities of movements of muscles, relax muscles, pulling an improvement of the psychic well-being, improve the silhouette, decrease your level of stress.

4 Build a habit of studying

Building a habit of studying means that you get used to studying at certain times each day. We have all some habits that you are so used to that we cannot think of doing everything else at the time. For example, watching a show after going home for school can be turned into a habit of studying during this time. Instead of taking a break directly after going home, you can put yourself to work directly and when you have reached your objectives, then make your break, watching a show or anything else you enjoy, as a reward. And it is more pleasant for you to not feeling guilty while watching your show or hanging out with friends, because in your mind you always have this idea that you should be working instead of chilling.

And progressively as it enters your habits, you will find it less and less difficult to study right after school! Another hack to get motivated is also to visualize yourself in the future and visualize yourself after your success. You can also imagine in a shorter term the nice feeling of going to bed knowing that you have had a productive day.

I hope these few hacks will help you to get motivated for your study or for anything else that requires a little of concentration during your life!

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