If you have ever thought about these questions, you've already given yourself disappointing answers. Worldwide, there is a tendency to reduce the number of working people and an increase in the number of pensioners. Analysts predict that by 2050 the number of people over 65 years of age will increase to 2.1 billion people. By 2066, 25% of the world's population will be over 65 years of age.
In all developed countries of the world, pension funds are going to bankruptcy. In 180 countries of the world, pension systems cannot fully support their citizens when they stop working. Only 30 States provide full support to pensioners and guarantee the obtaining of the average pension comparable to average wage. But in these countries, the parameters of pension systems are being revised recently.
Obviously, this situation cannot continue. We need a new solution that will make the lives of pensioners no worse than the lives of working people.
And such a solution has already been found. This is the new blockchain platform Akropolis.

We human beings love security, comfort and assurance. We are fond of things which give us constant promise of security. Risk and uncertainty is not something which the human emotion accepts readily. Owing to this psychological state of mind we spend most of our lives working so that we can provide a secure and comfortable lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones.

A revolutionary system has been put in place to assure a steady flow of income for aged people -- people are who are old enough to not work anymore. This is the system of pension -- where retired people are paid a certain amount of money to lead their lives. Pension is the bond that holds the society together, ensures smooth financial flow and maintains equality in the society.

The Problem:

Currently the world is staring at a multi billion dollar pension deficit. Governments are struggling to pay pension to all eligible citizens from reserved funds. Moreover a large chunk of this fund is spent as money transfer fees. A good part of it is lost due to mismanagement of funds by corrupt officials and bank staff. At the end of the day, it is the pensioners who suffer. All these problems -- fund deficit, corruption and mismanagement put the stress and pressure on the pensioners. It is high time that a sustainable solution be developed to tackle this menace and let the money go where it should go.

The Solution:

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is fundamentally changing every aspect of our lives. With a state of the art secure and transparent digital ledger system that keeps track of all transactions performed through it, blockchain is the solution that can be harnessed to create an application to manage pension funds in a decentralized manner. The Akropolis project is addressing this issue through a unique blockchain based decentralized application that offers all round management of pension funds. With an almost negligible transfer fees and an ultra secure, transparent network, the Akropolis Project aims to fix the problem of pension disbursal.
Akropolis is a global platform where anyone who wants to save up for retirement can register.
The project has many advantages in comparison with traditional pension systems:

Akropolis will focus primarily on the interests of investors, not the state or other entities;
Investments in Akropolis are protected;
Akropolis works on a fair principle-everyone is saving for his pension (in contrast to the existing state systems, in which those who work today, provides money to pensioners).
How does it work?
The user interacts with the system either through a mobile application or through a device. It sends a request that is processed by the gateway.
The team and the ICO:

The initial development, maintenance and market outreach will be funded by an Initial Coin Offering. Investors participating in the Initial Coin Offering can buy the AKT coin. The coin will be used for performing all the transactions in the Akropolis ecosystem. Investors can also exchange the cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies once it is available across all major exchanges.

The team leading the project has multiple years of experience across several sectors. The board of advisors to the project consists of executives of top multinational companies. The project has the perfect combination of the right strategy and the perfect team!

checks if the user has read the privacy policy;
checks that the account information is correct.
Then the user gets into a personal account and can use the function that the account information is correctality to save money. This translates the finances that the member wants to invest in Akropolis.
In addition, the participant can see his balance and see what his future pension will be.

The AKT cryptocurrency plays an important role in the Akropolis ecosystem. Various members of the Akropolis exchanged tokens while doing the many interactions:

individual users and smart- contracts: participants receive pension bonuses and smart- contracts, and in the opposite direction cryptocurrency can move when ordering premium services;
developers and ecosystem: creators of various services for Akropolis receive tokens;
Fund managers get money if they attract new clients.

ICO Token Price: 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD
Goal: 25,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 900,000,000

Nothing excites me more than seeing a blockchain based project addressing a pressing issue of the current society. The technology has been instrumental in finding solution to long standing problems. Organizations and individuals are brain storming to find out what more can the blockchain possibly do. The Akropolis Project is a perfect example of the innovation in the blockchain space.
Akropolis offers an innovative solution, which (at least in scale) has no equal in the world. Millions of people around the world are tired of modern pension systems. Akropolis will give them confidence that every penny invested today will make their pension better.
That is why everyone who knows about cryptocurrencies and blockchain will start using the Akropolis platform immediately after the start. After all, even young people are already thinking about how they will live in retirement. And Akropolis offers them a great opportunity to invest their money securely and guaranteed to get them back in 20, 30 and 40 years.
Pension for the retired has been an issue since decades. No one seems to bother about a solution to this problem, owing its large scale of operation. Akropolis has finally managed to crack the code and come up with an outstanding solution with the use of blockchain technology. Lead by a wonderful team and a well thought out strategy, I definitely see the team succeeding in the long run. Many ICOs focus towards just raising funds even without having a product.

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