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Hello, meet again with me Samuraijin, I will write an article about the crypto project called Zeux. For more details, I will discuss it below

This platform is a FCA regulated entity that has launched its products gently and will officially launch its operations in the EU in 2019. Zeux has the ambition to launch services worldwide in 2020. With your support for the Zeux project, we will accelerate development and deliver the best product in its class to benefit millions of users worldwide.

What is Zeux ?
The Zeuk Project is a platform that has a mission to transform existing financial services by making complex, expensive and burdensome financial management processes simple, convenient and affordable for customers, so as to make the best services accessible to everyone.

By combining blockchain technology, biometrics and artificial intelligence, and by bringing together the world of fiat and crypto, Zeux provides integrated solutions that offer various functions for financial services including; secure mobile payments for fiat and crypto, decentralized money transfers, access to multiple bank accounts, access to several traditional and crypto investment products, secure personal data safes, and KYC officers for opening accounts without hassle.

Therefore on the Zeux platform, customers can easily manage all their financial portfolios. All transactions using the Zeux wallet will be carried out in a highly secure environment that meets the highest standards and uses the most sophisticated cyber system security protocols. With Zeux support, everything can be done with a few simple clicks.

In short Zeux is a single entry investment platform that combines the best of traditional investment options with a variety of crypto investment opportunities. In addition, giving awards to those who choose the world of cryptocurrency by giving them a discount on investment costs.

Hurry up Join us now and see how easy and easy investment and banking services are.

How does it work?

The ZEUX platform will be capable to offer its many users an integrated feature that’ll be capable to offer many features that can be applied in the economic services. This is entirely thanks to the biometrics, AI and the advancement taking place in the block tech.

The ZEUX platform will be in position to offer safe Smartphone payments that can be simply be applied for both fiat and digital asset deals, it can also be applied on the decentralized cash move, simple access to the many digital assets and conventional investments access too many accounts, having a safe secret data vault for all user and not forgetting the KYC concierge to assure all consumer enjoys risk free account opening experience.

While you’re on the ZEUX platform, you’ll be capable to handle your economic portfolios effectively. But this is not all as the firm has assured that entire the deals that are carried we will be completed in a very secure environment, that has been proved to meet the safest market standards, one which has been designed to use the most advanced cyber system safety protocols that you can find in the market.

The ZEUX platform was founded as a lone entry investment system, so from this, you’re assured you’ll get the extremely finest conventional investment features plus a wide range of digital asset investments. To make sure you’re being the fruits of both planets.

But this is not, all in all, you’d expect on this stage, as the organization will go ahead to reward all the consumers holding the ZUC coin, it’s be offering a range of advantages like huge discount charges on every investment as well as have the capability to enjoy a few reduced charges on the FX moving.

Technology & Security

Personal Data Encryption

  • Encrypted personal data for KYC (Know Your Customer) process stored in Personal Data Vault.
  • KYC verification history stored in the blockchain using hash.
  • Private key stored in customers’ mobile and controlled by customers.

Bank Grade Security

  • Zeux technology team has extensive industry experience in system security within financial services and in-depth knowledge in blockchain.
  • Zeux uses multi-layered state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and security of its system.

Regulation & Compliance

PSD2, also known as Open Banking underpins Zeux’s key offerings.

It provides a regulated platform from which we can obtain customer data to process financial services.

The features ultimately make it easier and more convenient to initiate payments and reduce the delays for our customers.

Zeux complies with rigorous financial rules and regulations to ensure safety and security of our customers financial transactions and data.

Zeux is currently authorised as an EMD agent by the FCA, which gives it permissions to perform electronic money institution activities.


By holding ZeuxCoin, you can enjoy cashback on all crypto payments, get discounts on your crypto investment fees and instant access to your secure KYC service. Zeux also provide our customers with rewards that encourage active management and tracking of their asset and investments.


April - Beta version completed
May - Key payment partnership agreement signed
June - Ten asset management partners signed
Sep - FCA authorization for AISP, PISP Investment arrangement
Nov - Product soft launch in UK

Feb - Integration with investment providers via blockchain based KYC
March - Official launch in the UK and soft launch in the rest of EU
June - Official launch in the EU and soft launch in the US
Nov - Official launch in Europe and US

Feb - Connect to more than 50 financial services partners on the platform
Oct - Expand to Asia, Africa and the rest of Americas

If you want to know more about the Zeux project you can visit the link below, Enough for my writing this time which only discusses some important points of this project, for more information please visit the link below

Website: https://www.zeux.tech
Whitepaper: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ZeuxApp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp
Telegram: https://t.me/zeuxapp

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