KOI - Develop innovative ideas and projects using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

Hello everyone, I will introduce the project about KOI. If you want to join the KOI project, let's look at the following review

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two advanced technologies that are only used by large companies throughout the world. Artificial intelligence is a broad term consisting of a large list of fields of research and technology to achieve a single goal. He has a great ability to do different tasks which are usually done through human intelligence such as understanding language, planning, speech recognition, etc. With extraordinary abilities in problem solving, without the need for human intervention or programs.

This technology is very advanced, and the high cost of developing, testing and producing any model is a big challenge. If you want to design a simple chatbot with AI, it will cost you more than USD300,000.00 to fully implement it. In addition, another problem with AI technology is human capital. It is difficult to find skilled and qualified developers who have extraordinary skills in AI technology. Sustainable growth in this sector has caused a lack of quality AI developers.

Why invest in KOI?

KOI is one of the best investments in cryptoactives today, both for projects that have been contemplated, and for profits for investors. We encourage integration with the commercial sector, giving awards for the use of our platform.

In addition to providing some revenue options to our token holders, we provide solutions for business needs that require the transparency, speed and ease of use that we can only offer.

Our investors will have the opportunity to market our tokens for other cryptoactives on several important exchanges, we also offer discounts of up to 20% and discount prices depending on the amount you want to invest.


We invite you to be part of the actual massification of the blockchain, while you get a high return on your investment. We have carefully planned our pricing and bond strategies to increase the profits of our investors.

KOI’s mission is to promote blockchain use in every environment and commercial sector, develop innovative ideas and projects that allow access for everyone to a transparent and decentralized economy.

The KoiTech Studio projects are structured so that everyone can get money from the Blockchain, because our Research, IT and Technology Development teams are tasked with evaluating current market proposals and their weaknesses, and in this way, designing a congruent portfolio that ensures the success of the eyes KOI money, produces Independent and Integral Commercial Ecosystems and, above all, Self-Sustaining

This project focuses on building a complete ecosystem to circulate the KOI currency, involving various economic and social sectors, developing tools and easy-to-use access that allows users without knowledge to take advantage of the potential blockchain. Our technology can be used for P2P, P2C, C2C transactions, to send / receive money transfers quickly and transparently, for voting, federation courses and sports payments and many other applications.

We want to integrate our technology into the open FIAT currency market, the transaction is simple. From point-of-charge systems to buying and selling transactions to our currencies, all in the simplest way that allows the growth of our community.

Ease of use is a fundamental requirement in every development. Making simple guidelines so that people can exchange their tokens is our priority.
Transactions without coverage

In emergency situations, telecommunications generally fails, preventing quick and effective access to products and services. We have developed a credit system that will work for those who have our tokens in their wallets, calculated on a monthly average and with lower interest rates than bank interest rates. This will allow the store to continue their commercial activities, and users of tools to help solve problems that may arise.

I don’t have Ethereum, how do I buy KOI?
We invite you to refill your wallet with Ethereum to get our KOI currency. Some portfolios allow you to buy currencies directly, depending on your portfolio and place of residence.

If your wallet doesn’t allow you to buy currency, you have to buy ETH at the exchange house and then transfer ETH from your wallet to your digital wallet.

I don’t have a digital wallet, how do I buy KOI?
For KOI purchases, you need a digital wallet that interacts with ERC20 contracts such as Metamask and Coinbase Wallet.

We have a small tutorial for you to download and install Metamask.

REMEMBER: digital wallets act as bank accounts; Treat with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or password.

Can I buy KOI on the ICO from Exchange?
No, KOI is in the ICO stage, you can only buy from our website.

Are there intermediaries selling your ICO?
Because KOI is a Token with an ERC20 smart contract standard, you don’t need an intermediary, your purchase is an automated process. Be careful, there are no people, web pages or official applications to sell KOI at your ICO stage, if you face a suspicious situation don’t hesitate to communicate through our social network.


The following is a summary of the activities that have been carried out, and what will be done. If you want to be informed about the progress of our project, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us through our social network.

June 2017: Birth of Ideas
July 2017: Work Team Training
August 2017: POS Market Study
October 2017: Starting from POS development
April 2018: Creation of Corporate Identity
July 2018: End POS development
August 2018: Beta Beta Testing
September 2018: Market analysis and study for POS
November 2018: Making Whitepapers & Marketing Plans
December 2018: Web Development
January 2019: Development of the Crypto Game
February 2019: Coding of Koi Currency, Website Launch, Private Sales Start
March 2019: End Private Sales, ICO Homes
April 2019: POS integration with Blockchain
May 2019: Starting from KOI public sales
June 2019: KOI Registration at the Exchange
July 2019: Launch of Token Cryptogram ERC721
August 2019: Development of Community Sports Project Homes
October 2019: Marketing community marketing analysis
December 2019: Publication of the Annual Report
January 2020: POS Project Audit and Restructuring
February 2020: Launch Crypto Game

For more information about the project and technical aspects, Please visit the KOI site, Official Project Whitepaper below:

Website: https://www.koitechstudios.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.koitechstudios.com/assets/whitepaper/AF-Koitech-Whitepaper-en.pdf
Facebook: https: //www.facebook .com / koitechstudios /
Twitter: https://twitter.com/koitechstudios
Telegram: https://t.me/koitoken

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