This article will let you know about all information you should know about LOCALCOIN PLATFORM.

When a technology evolve, it develops with some pros & cons.
Same is also true for decentralised Blockchains.
Various organisations are taking illigal benefits in the name of decentralised Blockchain since they possess more than half of the stakes of that Blockchain which is considered as a half centralised in a sense.

So, LocalCoin comes up with the solution to this, they have made a decentralized ecosystem in its true sense.
They say in Local Coin, everyone is free to do what he want and how he want.

LocalCoin is not a company or a person, it is a community of
people who shares the same liberation values & freedom.

As I mentioned earlier, True Decentralisation is very much needed for any decentralized platform to be called so.

Local Coin gives freedom to each & every party to make independent decisions on their own rather than to be decided by a single entity as in the centralised platforms.
So, LOCALCOIN is truly decentralised in manner.

What LOCALCOIN is to Offer

LocalCoin provides a Network of High Performance, User Friendly &
Decentralized Blockchain Technologies.

Currently almost all So called Decentralised Cryptocurrency exchanges are lacking of transparency, security, low volume & liquidity and credibility.

LocalCoin promises to resolve all these drawbacks at first place.
LocalCoin designed a full-service platform to launch a decentralized bank,
decentralized trading, social networks and prediction markets through its unique offering in its exchange.

LocalCoin platform allows its users to freely set their own smart contracts and exchange
digital assets on their terms in an open source, secure, fast and truly decentralized process
directly on the blockchain via Peer-to-Peer.

What I like most about the LocalCoin platform is, the commitment they have to not compete with other exchanges but rather than to start from where these exchanges end their offerings.

LocalCoin provides a full-service platform to launch a decentralized bank,
decentralized trading, social networks and prediction markets through its unique offering.


LocalCoin can be owned and run by everyone, except this LocalCoin is user friendly, democratic and

1• Wallet

Super wallet feature of LocalCoin supports asset management, self-service transactions,
payment, secure chat, social media and many more.

2• Decentralized Trading
(I)• Everyone can trade with others without limits.
(II)100k Transaction per second.
(III)Block generated every 2 seconds.

3• Untraceable Transactions

• Fully personal accounts can't be traceable.

• Personal chain is fully encrypted and no-one can see the transaction.

4• Decentralized Bank

• No one can request or block your ID.
• Completely anonymous banking facility.

5• Mining

Everyone can mine LLC by running a full node to support the network.

6• OTC Trading
Most important feature generally can't be seen as inclusively in other decentralised exchanges
Over-the-counter (OTC) or off- exchange trading is done directly between two parties, without
the supervision of an exchange.

FYI OTC trade doesn't influence the price of coins directly.

7• Decentralized chat
The LocalCoin platform provides the Blockchain based fully encrypted personal & group chats.

8• ICO Accelerator
You can Start your own ICO. You can issue your own token and list it for trading in just 5 minutes.

9• Social Network
Blockchain based and fully encrypted decentralized Social network are to be provided from which you will get better experience than Facebook, twitter etc. with no ads & maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data from the network.

• LocalCoin Trading Terminal
LocalCoin Online Trading Terminal for Trader & other firms is the best thing one can get because it'll provide a immersive UI, smooth functionality, Speed & accuracy..
It is built on HTML 5 technology. Anyone can access from any device & in any web browser.

• Zero Trading fee

LocalCoin offers no trading fees apart from the fixed iota of network fees for just to make the transition on Blockchain.

•High performance

LocalCoin Blockchain can handle 100,000 transactions per second.

Stealth Mode
LocalCoin platform will have Zero-knowledge super-secure transactions (‘unknown’ sent ‘n’ ‘unknown’ to ‘unknown’)”.

It means anyone can place blind transactions from your account to a secret account that cannot be viewed via any block explorer.

Utmost security
Even LocalCoin platform haven't access to user's account, simply because it is only user who hold secret key to it.


Name: LocalCoin
Token Symbol: LLC
Timestamping scheme: Delegated Proof of Stake ( DPoS) and Proof-of-node (PoN)
Transparency: Open source
Block time: 2 seconds
Initial 1 LLC ICO price: $ 0.5 US Dollar(USD)


LocalCoin technology will greatly enhance the performance of
existing DEXs and bring disruptive changes to the digital marketplaces.

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