We are on the journey to my friend's village


Today we decided to visit my friends home which is inside the jungle. So we have to prepare for this. We buy 2 bottles of drinking water, plastic disposal glass, A bottle of Turbo soft drink and a half bottle of Royal Stage hard drink to do some enjoyment in the jungle. We start our journey and it took near about 1 hour to reach our destination. We had gone to the jungle by bike, So it is a most enjoyable journey.

We cross the small water flow which near the village.


After reaching the home we prepare some meat to eat with our soft and hard drink.


Today we enjoy a lot. We take fresh air here. The whole area is covered by jungle. The Total village is in the natural environment. We feel fresh there, like a peace of mind, there is no any mobile network. So we didn't get any mobile call disturbance. Friends I love the place.

Again,images.pngfor your support, you have been wonderful to me and hope in your vote.
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