Fun with my sons at the party


This is from my backup file. Yes, in the year 2012 I had gone to attend the party with my sons. There are my many relatives also came to enjoy the party. Many children are also there. In the middle of the party, I play with my sons. I saw they are making different types of funny face. There are two more people, they also took photos of my sons. Have a look the photos how my sons are doing. It is fun, yes really fun for me too. The small one is only 2 years and can't walk properly closing his eyes while taking a shot. And elder one just doing body movement and face-changing fun. This is really fun for me and for my sons. I always remember this moment when seeing the photos. I love you, my son. You have also some funny and loving moment then please share with me.




Again,images.pngfor your support, you have been wonderful to me and hope in your vote.
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