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Every year new innovations emerge in various fields of human life. The purpose of innovation is to facilitate users in their daily activities, and the new innovation that I will review today is about eye care and glasses from the VisionBanker platform.

What is VisionBanker?
VisionBanker is a platform that will help and improve the vision of people around the world. In this platform, records of examination and eye development data of users will be stored in the Blockchain ledger in a safe way, allowing them to track progress, be able to predict their vision characteristics in the future, and buy pre-selected glasses according to their visual characteristics and shape. their face.
VisionBanker comes up with a common eye problem: most people don't know when their vision has changed and come to the doctor when they need glasses. Even if examined by a doctor, the patient's vision data is not stored online, and is not shared if subsequent examinations occur with other optometrists. As a result, vision notes are sometimes lost and patients become unaware that their vision has changed over the years.
The solution: VisionBanker offers a special application that stores the person's vision data, makes visual dynamics forecasts with age, offers daily advice on how to change behavior to improve eye health, and offers personalized eyewear options.
The VisionBanker application uses Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology. The core technology in VTO is face recognition, which identifies or verifies a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the contours of that person's face. Use biometrics to map facial features from digital image or video sources. Face data will be saved and processed. Then, he compares information with a database of known faces to find a match.

VisionBanker mechanism

  • A user saves his vision data in the VisionBanker Application
  • Using user data, the App makes an estimate of the dynamics of its vision in the future
  • Users can allow push notifications with daily suggestions on how to change their behavior to improve their vision
  • When visiting the Ophthalmologist, users can update their diagnosis and measurement of vision
  • By taking a photo of himself the user can provide measurements of his face and then by adding vision parameters, the App can provide recommendations on glasses that are suitable for him.

Economic Token
The services offered by VisionBanker are empowered by the blockchain that can store patient's visual history safely and privately so users can choose who can access their data and receive VBK tokens as gifts if their data will be used for scientific purposes.
VBK token is part of the VisionBanker ecosystem, this token will be the main tool for ecosystem user transactions to get all the services offered. The use of tokens is needed to carry out transactions such as authentication and authorization to access personally related information, record data on the blockchain (credit points), exchange tokens with prizes, discounts on products and other services.
VBK tokens will be issued on the Blockchain platform with ERC-20 compliance. The token is being sold now during the personal sales period on the page. The personal selling period is very limited, you will get a 40% purchase bonus and a per-token price of 0.01 USD. Includes details of sales of VBK tokens;

  1. TOTAL TOKENS = 2,500,000,000 VBK
  2. HARDCAP = 10,000,000 USD
  3. SOFTCAP = 750,000 USD
  4. CROWDSALE TOKENS = 1,000,000,000 VBK
  5. PRICE TOKEN = 0.01 USD per VBK
  6. Accepting USD, BTC, ETH, USDT
    Sales Bonus Details

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