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The Files.Fm Library (FFL) is a platform based on Blockchain technology for file libraries. This platform creates legal and free libraries by offering services to communities where people can easily search, access, and share useful content online with the right copyright. The Files.Fm library is formed to solve problems in the field of online file sharing services. The FFL has seen these problems and will provide the best solution for sharing files online. These problems and solutions are

  1. Problems of limited platforms in storage, traffic, functions, and usability. Solution: For this problem, the FFL has been supported by decentralized hybrid technology, users easily store, access, search, and share useful content online with the right copyright. Through hybrid technology, the FFL will be a modern and digital file library where all files can be stored, marked and accessed by people all over the world.
  2. Problems with non-competitive legal alternatives for illegal file sharing. Solution: The FFL will seriously focus on legal issues in file sharing. This platform will implement technology to control illegal content and work with content creators. The FFL will use various technologies and techniques for content control, eg Artificial intelligence and community involvement. The FFL will follow and comply with the law on publishing content about creators and content owners. The team will designate the FFL as a legal library in the EU, US and other regions of the world and will follow relevant laws.
  3. Problems of preservation of inadequate data for future generations. Solution: FFL has a mission to preserve cultural heritage. This platform has collected, stored and classified physical storage. To preserve data, the FFL has been supported by researchers, blockchain technology enthusiasts, independent content creators, bloggers, websites with large data files, and people who care to preserve the digital heritage platform.
  4. The limited problem of using file sharing is free. Solution: The Library will be free because it uses a decentralized hybrid P2P data platform, built and managed through and community collective efforts, based on shared traffic, storage, direct micro payments and token incentives.

The P2P community network is enabled by the FFL to provide convenience and user benefits, including:

  • Enables Internet users to access free and paid content that is useful in an easy and legal way
  • Authors will be rewarded based on their work.
  • Allows community members to receive remuneration for doing work that is useful for storing digital inheritance for internet users now and in the future.

You need to remember, this P2P network is supported by a very premium FFL business model, community members will get a free service base, while special premium features and services will be available at a cost. To get all community services, FFL members must use FFM tokens, this is the main token and as a transaction tool. The FFM token runs on the Ethereum network which is being released in the Crowdsale Library Files.Fm stage.

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