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ISKRA is a coin issued by the LUCEM platform, this is a decentralized platform to help children throughout the world. LUCEM's main activity will be to provide assistance in purchasing medical equipment and medicines for medical centers and hospitals around the world through the use of ISKRA coins. LUCEM will help you provide assistance in a modern way, through this project allowing the use of crypto currencies to provide assistance through efficient methods for those in need.
Your help is in ISKRA coins, which are valuable coins like diamonds. Why? Compared to the value of gold, diamond prices are stable and more resistant to disasters. ISKRA is a profitable investment tool for securing your capital while helping children throughout the world. Here are the ISKRA coin investment benefits:

  • ISKRA is not only safe but also profitable.
  • ISKRA values such as diamond prices are disaster resistant and more stable than gold.
  • ISKRA gives you a unique opportunity to exchange it for diamonds anytime, based on the Rapaport Price List and GIA certification. And that means you will always have pure prices without contributions: this will save between 10 and 50% of the cost of diamonds. At present, only large companies in the stock exchange have the opportunity to trade using the Rapaport Price List.

Initial Exchange Offers (IEO)

If this ISKRA coin is being traded at the IEO stage, you can contribute to the IEO stage on the p2pb2b exchange ( Following is the IEO Information for the sale of ISKRA tokens;

  1. Name: ISKRA - Crypto Coin Of Hope
  2. Ticker: CCOH
  3. Type: ERC-20
  4. Max. Amount: 300,000,000 CCOH
  5. Time to Start Sales Token = 26.07.2019 07:00 (Local)
  6. End Time of Token Sales = 22.08.2019 07:00 (Local)
  7. Token supply for IEO = 1 300 000

Sales Bonus:

  • 10% (for amounts from 100 CCOH to 499 CCOH)
  • 15% (for amounts of 500 CCOH up to 999 CCOH)
  • 20% (for the amount of 1000 CCOH up to 9999 CCOH)
  • 25% (for the amount of 10,000 CCOH up to 1300000 CCOH)

Minimum purchase amount in the contribution currency:

  • BTC - 0,0048
  • ETH - 0,215
  • USD – 50
  • USDT – 50

For information on updates please visit the public channel below.
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