ISKRA is an ideal investment opportunity.

Hi. this time I will review the LUCEM platform that publishes ISKRA tokens, a crypto coin for investment and social programs for children around the world. LUCEM is a national block chain based platform to help children with medical assistance and medicines for medical centers and hospitals throughout the world. Why does LUCEM care about children? because more than 80% of the earth's population does not have access to standard medical services. If we take 0.5% of that expenditure and apply it to improve the social conditions of children on this planet, then together we can solve this problem in a few years
LUCEM published ISKRA tokens as much as 300 million as an investment tool and to raise platform development funds. ISKRA is built on blockchain technology and uses smart contracts. ISKRA is one of the safest, most reliable and safest digital currencies in the future. ISKRA for investment tools that are very profitable because the value of ISKRA tokens is comparable to diamonds, so users of this token can exchange it for diamonds anytime, based on the Rapaport Price List and get GIA certification.
Users or investors can contribute to LUCEM through the sales program of ISKRA tokens on the p2pb2b exchange. Sales tokens are in progress, you can visit the link and for detailed information on selling tokens below.

  1. Name: ISKRA
  2. Ticker: CCOH (Crypto Coin Of Hope)
  3. Type: ERC-20
  4. Max. Amount: 300,000,000 CCOH
  5. Time to Start Sales Token = 26.07.2019 07:00 (Local)
  6. End Time of Token Sales = 22.08.2019 07:00 (Local)
  7. Supply for IEO tokens = 1 300 000
    Sales Bonus:
    • 10% (for amounts from 100 CCOH to 499 CCOH)
    • 15% (for amounts of 500 CCOH up to 999 CCOH)
    • 20% (for the amount of 1000 CCOH up to 9999 CCOH)
    • 25% (for the amount of 10,000 CCOH up to 1300000 CCOH)
      Minimum purchase amount in the contribution currency:
    • BTC - 0,0048
    • ETH - 0.215
    • USD - 50
    • USDT – 50

For information on updates please visit the public channel below.
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Authorship: Sabrina / Bitcointalk

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