CROWDSALE - library platform Library (FFL) is a Blockchain based technology platform for a library of hybrid decentralized files for file storage and using P2P networks to make it easier for community members to get platform services. In addition, this platform will be supported by web application services.
Through this platform, users can easily search, access, and share useful content online with the right copyright. P2P networks supported by the community will provide benefits and convenience for users to:

  • Through this platform Internet users can access free and paid content that is easily and legally useful
  • Platform offers prizes for writers based on their work
  • Allows community members to receive remuneration for doing work that is useful for storing digital inheritance for internet users now and in the future

The FFL business model depends on advertising revenue, and users monetize their copyrighted files. The user will use the original FFL cryptocurrency symbolized by the FFM token. has published its own token with the FFM ticker, for crowdsale purposes and integration in the platform. This token is based on ERC20 Ethereum technology, an open-blockchain-based distributed computing platform with smart contracts. Smart contracts that are cryptographically safe are sophisticated applications that are stored in the Ethereum blockchain, which is fully capable of enforcing planned transactions.
FFM tokens will be used as the original currency by FFL users to pay for special FFL services and will be provided for useful work in the FFL system. The FFM token is a utility token, which is issued in fixed supply with annual inflation, it is based on beneficial work carried out by the community.
To gather resources for the development of the FFL system, the FFL plans to launch a crowdsale token in Q1 2019. Sales tokens will use Ethereum tokens (ERC777 / ERC20) and will be converted 1: 1 to the original FFM token after the personal FFL blockchain development. Smart public sales Token contracts will be close to the utility token function, so that it can be used directly in the product, if needed.
Following are the details of the Crowdsale

  1. Total Token Supply 10 000 000 000
  2. Limited Supply Yes
  3. Price per Token $ 0.01
  4. Symbol of FFM
  5. Type ERC20
  6. First Year Crowdsale:
  7. Private sale of $ 1 000 000
  8. Presale $ 1 000 000
  9. Public sale of $ 10 000 000

Funds collected during the FFL ICO will be used for the development of the FFL system and for sustainable expenditures needed to support ecosystem growth: 34% will be spent on development, 28% will be for infrastructure, 23% will be for marketing, the rest will be for marketing, the rest will be allocated for wages, office, and legal and consulting services.

To purchase FFM tokens, users or investors must visit and to get the latest information visit the social media channel below:
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