AIGO's future for the e-commerce industry

Ecommerce is a very good business sector, but the sector must be supported by services that are very satisfying to users, especially in payment transactions. The presence of Blockchain technology makes the ecommerce sector even more powerful. Through this technology transactions become more comfortable, safe, fast and transparent. Likewise with the AIGO platform, a platform that operates in the ecommerce industry specifically serves payment transactions using AIGO Smart Contract. this is a new technology created by AIGO, designed to be a productive solution in offering a strong payment mechanism that is far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and measurable from current implementations. Unlike the current payment method, which includes credit cards and virtual coins like Bitcoin. AIGO was designed from the ground up with the intention of overcoming some of the existing payment issues. In addition, the AIGO team believes SmartContract will have the potential to increase economic efficiency, reduce friction, and minimize risk by eliminating intermediaries such as companies that charge excessive fees and are very expensive.

The presence of the Blockchain-based AIGO holds a big promise to change the payment industry. Payment issues in the e-commerce industry can be overcome with the blockchain network, a peer-to-peer payment base that allows flexibility and scalability of payment cards through a decentralized platform. Specifically, AIGO uses the AIGO AIPayment Chain specifically designed to overcome this problem and facilitate flexibility in transaction mechanics.

AIGO AIPayment Chain for bridging payment transactions supported by the AIGO ecosystem token. This token is the main payment tool in the platform ecosystem that will create standard "De-jure & De-Facto" AI payments for modern payments by adopting strong economic token support. The AIGO Token will run on the AIGO SmartContract network platform Ethereum erc20. AIGO SmartContract is a smart contract that mediates and stores ownership of AIGO tokens between accounts. This is a modified version of the ERC-20 sign contract that adds flexibility to payment and transfer protocols.

The AIGO SmartContract mechanism is very simple, this SmartContract will be used by AIGO to track balances associated with each address, as well as track transaction limits between users. This is done by mapping all addresses for other mapping, it will also include mapping between this Contract and each of the Limits.
The AIGO platform will release AIGO tokens during the sales period, the purpose of which is to fund platform development. The following is the sales information for AIGO tokens;

  • AIGO pre-sales AIGO tokens for quality individuals and companies who want to contribute to the project.
  • Due to regulatory conditions, we will not open Crowd-Sale. Participation in Pre-sales is limited to accreditation / qualifications (as defined by law) and company KYC submissions and AML policies.
  • The minimum amount received during the Pre-Sales period is 1,000 USD (for: individuals) and 10,000 USD (for: companies).
  • Contributions received at ETH, BTC and USDT.

The final total amount of AIGO tokens generated will be calculated so that the total number of tokens sold during personal Sales will represent 50% of the total amount generated, according to the total number of softcaps and our hardcap is 2M USD (For example if our personal sales generate 500K Tokens The USD to be issued will represent 25% of the total number of tokens generated)

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