Advantages of the Files.Fm Library

Hello friend how are you Today I will review the advantages of the Files.Fm library platform. First I will review what is the File.Fm library?

he Files.Fm Library (FFL) is a platform based on Blockchain technology which makes it easy to store, transfer, share and download files with excellent security. In addition, this platform will provide services for communities where people can easily search, access, and share useful content online with the right copyright.
Through this platform users will get awards via P2P networks, based on:

  • Through this platform Internet users can access free and paid content that is easily and legally useful
  • Platform offers prizes for writers based on their work
  • Allows community members to receive remuneration for doing work that is useful for storing digital inheritance for internet users noiles.Fm

This plaure Library Files.Fm
This platform is very unique, the team has planned to develop Files.Fm through several operational systems that are very helpful and beneficial for users:

  1. The library will be created by combining technology and best practices from a centralized and decentralized world. This is based on the basic foundation that has been set.
  2. For file storage operations, the platform has used a cloud system, which was created from 2008 and has continued to increase to date.
  3. In addition to storage, this platform has offered convenience to users in sharing, selling, publishing, and distributing files centrally.
  4. For easy access, the platform has a beta version that functions to share P2P files and video streaming.
  5. To expand the existing system, the team has improved user services including: P2P sharing, adding advanced content analysis, searching and enhancing Blockchain technology.
  6. The FFL will use the freemium business model: the service base will be available free of charge, while special premium features and services will be available at a cost.
  7. The FFL will also use tokens for initial crowdsale and fundraising (ICO), providing instant token utilities for 100GB of personal filtokens.

Based onery 10,000 FFM tokens.
Based on the above review, the Files.Fm Library offers a new revolution. Because there is currently no large storage platform (capable of storing hundreds of petabytes) and free with special file searches, content that is quite useful and user-friendly interface Besides Files.Fm.
To receive contributions from Individuals or Organizations, the Platform is implementing the Crowdsale period to release FFL tokens with the symbol of FFM, the purpose of this period is to gather and develop platforms through the support of various parties. Users of the service will use the original Files.Fm cryptocurrency, the FFM token. this is a token for exchanging values in the Files.Fm system that runs on the Ethereum network.

All platform information and Crowdsale periods are on the page
And visit the official social media channels below.

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