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World progress is developing very rapidly. There are such wonderful innovations like cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, smart contracts. In the recent past, we could not imagine that this is possible. But it is a fact. Digital currency is steadily developing and gradually penetrates into all spheres of human life, from the financial sector to medicine. It gives lower commissions, openness and transparency, high security of operations, reliability, excludes intermediaries. But it also has a number of disadvantages: the constant price fluctuation, but the speed of transactions is sometimes very slow.
Volatility is one of the main problems preventing companies from using cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can experience huge price fluctuations in just a few hours or even minutes.

Based on these shortcomings, stable coins began to appear: USDT, TOSHO, GUSD. They seek to reduce volatility and increase the popularity of digital currencies. Traders switch to stable coins to preserve the value of their assets by waiting out unwanted price fluctuations. By reducing volatility, they will facilitate mass adoption in the future.

Trade with USDQ

USDQ — one of a kind decentralized stable asset standard ERC-20. 1 USDQ equals to 1 us dollar. Later other stable assets will be available: KRWQ, JPYQ, CNYQ, HKDQ, second.
Trading a digital currency with low volatility, such as USDQ, can help traders work more efficiently and stay safe no matter what happens in the market.

How it works?

The ecosystem is based on the internal digital asset of Mr. Dao used to manage the ecosystem and USDQ. The system itself is secured with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
USDQ does not need any relationship with banks or auditors. The generation process USDQ based on the intellectual contract.

The ecosystem uses the method of over-provisioning, which is necessary due to high volatility. If you compare the stable with other popular coins, then USDQ requires a higher ratio of scriptaction that need to be posted as collateral, with the exact ratio. In addition to interacting with next-generation smart contracts, traders can also buy USDQ in secondary markets.

Trade USDQ in the market like any other stable coin.
Protect your digital asset by exchanging it for stable USDQ coins. And its cost fluctuates around 1 US dollar with slight variations. After completion of the exchange trade just USDQ to your digital asset. Question Open window. Create your own robot based on artificial intelligence that will help you make predictions. It analyzes various parameters, news and other factors to create a forecast.


USDQ really decentralized stable asset. There is no centralized control.


You can track all transactions in real time and know exactly what a particular stable asset is supported by certain digital currencies.

Always stable:

Fluctuations in the market do not matter, because a decentralized stable asset can not fall or soar with large fluctuations. Self-stabilizing algorithms and the market itself will always keep the price of the asset stable.

We will analyze and highlight the positive aspects:

  • The Idea Is Great:

I liked what USDQ. USDQ differs from other stable popular assets such as USDT, TOSHO, GUSD. The only difference is that in popular stable assets, the collateral is the usual traditional currency, which is stored in outdated financial institutions — in banks.
Another difference is that these assets depend on the reliability of reports issued by teams and auditors of companies that check reserves of traditional currencies, while USDQ monitors all transactions and reserves using blockchain technology.

  • Stability High reliability and:

USDQ is a decentralized stable asset that uses algorithms to provide greater security, stability and reliability. The ecosystem provides reliable protection against fraud and hacker attacks, fully controlling all operations.

  • Full transparency and openness:

All data is easily accessible thanks to blockchain technology, and there are no contradictions and manipulations regarding the reserves available to the team. All operations are available for viewing by each user and at any time. Smart contracts provide automation and eliminate the need for third parties.

  • The development team is Competent:

Technical development is conducted by a wonderful team and masters of their craft, bringing together first-class experts from the fields of development, marketing and strategic talents from the fields of digital currencies. We All know for a long time that the success of the company depends on the team, on the correct decision-making. But such a team will definitely be able to implement the project fully and compete with other stable assets, and maybe even surpass them. I'm sure. The team is also working hard to build long-term partnerships with stakeholders in the crypto industry. It is worth noting the high ratings of well-known experts and analysts.


In General, I liked this project. Having studied all aspects, I have no doubt that USDQ will grow and become an important part of cryptocurrencies. With the growing number of new users, the ecosystem will become more popular and will become a backup storage used for the safe storage of cryptocurrency.

Do not pass by, and study the project in more detail. If you are interested in this project, click on the links below for more detailed information.

Official resources of the project:

WEBSITE: https://usdq.platinum.fund/
WEBSITE: https://ieo.btcnext.io/QDAO
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Platinumq
OPENKAKO: https://open.kakao.com/o/gfFhY2mb
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/FundPlatinum
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FundPlatinum
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/platinum-fund
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/Platinum_QDAO
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/platinum-co/
GITHUB: https://github.com/Platinumengineering/USDQ

BTT PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2591558
ETH ADDRESS: 0xd61548E0d81A99174aD2Ab9c1F00e3069B34fAC1

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