Soraix - Equity Token & Crypto Currency Exchange Platform

A cryptocurrency trade or a computerized cash trade ) is a business that enables clients to exchange digital forms of money or advanced monetary forms for different resources, for example, traditional fiat cash or other advanced monetary standards. A digital currency trade can be a market creator that regularly takes the offer approach spreads as an exchange commission for is administration or, as a coordinating stage, essentially charges expenses.

The makers of computerized monetary standards are frequently autonomous of the advanced money trade that encourage exchanging the cash. In one kind of framework, digital currency providers (DCP) are organizations that keep and regulate represents their clients, however for the most part don't issue advanced cash to those clients legitimately. Clients purchase or sell computerized cash from advanced money trades, who move the advanced money into or out of the client's DCP account. A few trades are auxiliaries of DCP, yet many are lawfully autonomous organizations. The division of assets kept in DCP records might be of a genuine or imaginary money.

Customary securities exchanges are exceptionally limited by working just during business hours, and in the nearby time zone of the market being referred to. A dealer, owning portions of a noteworthy open organization, wishing to react to showcase occasions progressively should hold up until the market re-opens, by which time the chance to gain by occasions being referred to may have passed.

Soraix is resolved to drastically change conventional stock trades by tokenizing the trading of benefits through blockchain innovation. In doing as such, we expect to move open impression of computerized resources a positive way, bringing about more extensive adjustment and dependability in the business. Soraix will give huge advantages to both conventional speculators such retail merchants, overall population and business everything being equal.

Customary clients will profit by our first-of-its-sort income sharing model, empowering them to exchange their SRX Tokens against Equity Tokens of higher valuations and on the off chance that they wish to, quickly sell the aquired Equity Tokens for fiat monetary standards, verifying all additions on the exchange. Corporate customers, will be able to raise assets, by issuing Equity Tokens on our stage.

Soraix will give our clients an exceptional chance to partake in our income. Holders of the Soraix Token will be able to exchange their SRX Token utilizing a 1:1 peg against Equity Tokens issued on our stage by organizations raising capital, paying little mind to the estimation of either token. This model will give conventional clients a stand-out model to partake in our income. Corporate clients, will be able to issue their own Equity Tokens on our stage, empowering them to raise capital at a small amount of the expenses assocaited with an IPO.

Soraix Features

For Traders:

Retail merchants will be offered a wide cluster of both basic and complex exchanging instruments and highlights, including a normal income sharing model;

For Investors:

Soraix will empower speculators to secure computerized portions of organizations as value tokens and exchange them for.


  • SRX Tokens
    SRX tokens can be utilized to buy Equity tokens at a 1: 1 worth enabling dealers to exchange a token of conceivably lower an incentive for one of a higher worth.
  • Equity Tokens
    Value Tokens might be viewed as a computerized variant of the portions of backer organizations wherein every value token is fused into one portion of the issuing organization.
  • Early Investor Bonus
    Early Investor Bonus By buying the SRX Token during the initial two weeks of our ICO, we will coordinate your buy with an extra 10% worth of SRX Tokens at no extra expense to you. The reward will add up to 5%, for speculators who buy our tokens during Weeks 3 and 4.

So as to give our esteemed clients the largest amounts of security and straightforwardness, Soraix will be headquartered in Switzerland. Switzerland at present ideas among the most refined and propelled customer assurance guidelines on the planet. Nothing is increasingly significant in the realm of exchange, than to exchange with those you trust.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

Road Map

Official resources of the project SORAIX:


ETH ADDRESS: 0xd61548E0d81A99174aD2Ab9c1F00e3069B34fAC1

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