Miracle Tele: World's First Blockchain Based Mobile Operator


The benefits of technology growth have been felt by the existence of telecommunications companies that have created a network to strengthen communication links for every circle from around the world. telecommunications is one sector that is quite promising in the world because it has a very broad role and can cover all components of society. From this company, people can now enjoy telecommunications services that provide convenience to them to establish communication with others. By applying technology concepts that increasingly prioritize quality in terms of networks, telecommunication companies can now serve the community in communicating with unlimited distance and time. However, along with the emergence of many telecommunications companies today cause problems experienced by the community.

Many telecommunications companies today, especially those who already have large numbers of customers, are slowly changing their systems without the user’s knowledge. This is indeed going on by luring the public with various advantages and advantages that are considered to provide opportunities but actually lead them to structural changes that reduce the benefits for the user. The leading telecommunication companies tend to pay more attention to their quality improvement, especially in terms of networks whose technology continues to be developed to be able to compete with other companies. However, this increase will certainly require considerable costs so that in the end this will be borne by the community in order to recover their expenditure of funds. This certainly becomes a problem for users who are currently complaining a lot.

The company’s focus on improving the quality of network technology by imposing greater costs on customers is a study material for the Miracle Tele platform in creating telecommunications systems on its platform. This platform sets the latest innovation in its telecommunications network that is fully centered on customer needs with competitive facilities. The Miracle Tele blockchain platform will function as a cellular and airtime data market that will provide services to millions of people out there through smart features and low prices. They also consider improving network quality in order to provide the best means for their customers to establish communication. However, even though they continue to develop the technology, this does not make Miracle Tele negligent in paying attention to the welfare of users. Customer satisfaction remains their top priority.

This platform was built using blockchain technology by implementing Ethereum based solutions such as plasma and sharding technology or the Graphene protocol. By using these technologies, network scalability will continue to increase and transaction throughput can be managed in a very large number. That way, this system can operate without the necessary costs so that transactions can also take place at no cost. The process of transaction approval will also take place faster than the blockchain technology used by standard Bitcoin and Ethereum. This platform can also reduce the amount of energy needed for each transaction process that takes place.

In its use-case, this platform applies a payment system using their digital token called TELE. Like other blockchain platforms that support the cryptocurrency system, Miracle Tele also brings the application of a payment system using digital currencies on its platform. These tokens can be obtained directly through this platform and can be used extensively to pay the bills charged to customers of this telecommunications network. The tokenisation of the company’s assets will be the main power source for Miracle Tele to create a stable cryptocurrency scope and be able to compete with other types of digital currencies. They will continue to make every effort to increase the growth of TELE tokens and their value in the digital currency trading market. This value will have no effect despite the turmoil in the world economic system. the availability of these tokens will be available in all countries in the world.

With Miracle Tele platform, the community has a new solution in enjoying their telecommunications services more freely. Charging excessive fees to users through increasing service rates should be taken into consideration for every telecommunications network service provider. Miracle Tele has more attention in this matter so she is able to adjust her services to the needs of users. This platform has initiated the establishment of the most advanced technology to produce the best network quality and also prioritize customer satisfaction with their services. Comprehensive services will provide their customers with further access, accompanied by sophisticated payment services and current trends.

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