Emirex exchange - Infrastructure for the new digital economy!

It's no secret that the digital economy is now rapidly developing. After all, thanks to the digital system, all our actions are carried out much faster, more efficiently, easier and so on. The greatest achievement that is obtained as a result of the digital system is the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency, it becomes much easier to live, because all transactions become instant, simple, profitable, reliable and transparent. But, despite the mass of advantages in the crypto industry, there are a number of difficulties, because of which the public hardly perceives this sphere. Yes, of course, at the moment a huge number of people want to join this innovation, but only a small part of these people understand how the blockchain works and how the digital system works. And another category of people have no idea how all this can be used. After all, thanks to the digital system, you can solve many of your existing problems. And so the category of people who do not seek to study the digital system, just miss their chance-to simplify their lives.

About the project

Emirex - just the same and is part of the digital system and is a digital platform, which was formed because of the need to help move into the digital industry. Emirex is going to provide the world with all the advantages of a digital system, using all the various innovative technologies, for example, blockchain. After all, thanks to blockchain technology, all your operations with digital assets will become much easier. Specifically for this, the Emirex team will provide an Emirex Exchange for crypto enthusiasts, where registered users can buy or sell crypto assets, thereby replenishing their portfolio. Emirex also has its own cryptocurrency wallet, where crypto enthusiasts can safely and securely store their assets, which are traded on the Emirex exchange. You can install the wallet on both Android and iOS. Emirex wallet has a high level of privacy when storing crypto assets and transferring them.

Main functions and features

1. Access to wealth. Using cutting-edge technology, Emirex brings traders, investors and so on together from across Africa, Asia and Europe and gives them access to the wealth of the Middle East.

2. High safety and reliability. Emirex applies unique security measures.

3. Ease of use. Very simple and user-friendly interface, where any beginner can immediately understand and start trading.

4. Access to Fiat. On Emirex, you can withdraw and enter Fiat on your Bank cards. And also use other payment methods.

5. Fast order processing. On Emirex, orders are processed at a rate of 1,000,000 per second.

6. Spot and margin trading is provided.

7. Advanced functionality. That is, it shows the trading history of experienced traders and so on.

8. Toolbar for technical analysis.

9. Integrates cutting-edge technology, liquidity aggregation.

About the token

The internal token of the platform is EMRX. EMRX based on Ethereum and the ERC-20 standard. This token is intended to pay the Commission when transferring other crypto assets, to pay the Commission when buying or selling crypto assets, to pay for products and services provided by Emirex, to encourage active participants (traders and investors, for inviting new users) and so on.

The total number of tokens will be 500 000 000.

The distribution of tokens:

  • 13% - Private sale
  • 10% - Reserve
  • 7% - long-Term partners
  • 15% - Team
  • 55% - Future sales

Distribution of proceeds:

  • 30% - IT and product development
  • 30% - Sales and marketing
  • 20% - ecosystem Development
  • 10% - Other operations
  • 10% - Stable reserves


In my opinion, Emirex looks promising. Since the exchange is very simple, convenient and interesting. The concept is built competently. The exchange has many advantages, functions and features. If the team continues to go to its goal, then I think Emirex will create a good competition to other well-known exchanges.

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