Online gambling has become more popular recently. There are different kinds of games that can be easily run, of course, with many benefits that are very easy to get. For example, online dominoes games, ball games at Cleverest agents or online casino games that are very stressful and fun. Well, various online gambling games will certainly be very useful for everyone, especially if that person runs them on quality betting sites.

Given that casinos know their players well, our next offering will ensure flawless and integrated gameplay across all channels. Clevebet creates individual added value for each of them to take advantage of the synergies that result from the effects of this group. For example, players and casinos benefit from zero transaction fees, instant payments and profits remain in the same ecosystem.

Sports betting is the prediction of sports results and the placement of results. The frequency of sports betting varies depending on the culture: most games are bet on football associations, car races, at the Amateur and professional level.

Clevebet allows people to bet on anything and anytime against anyone. On the Clevebet platform, users can bet on various sports. Other betting platforms often work with books and this makes players feel less secure and uncomfortable. In Clevebet, players can play directly with each other, creating playgrounds with completely new and interesting rules. We will profit from the platform by charging the player a minimum fee (much cheaper than on many betting platforms). Clevebet is the most reliable betting platform based on ethereum technology and smart contracts.

Although betting has now become a massive business, there are still a few challenges to face. These include security lapses, unfair odds, exorbitant charges, unprofessional practices, and disappointing returns. All this discourages potential players, and many of them choose underground bets. Thanks to the CVB solution, maximum security and transparency when dealing with bets is ensured thanks to blockchain technology. In accordance with this agreement, the intermediaries are excluded: the players set their bets.


The advantage of the platform

  • Excellent support is centered around the community;
  • Confidentiality is ensured at all levels;
  • The best gaming experience and cost-effective system;
  • Availability on multiple platforms such as Internet, Android and iOS;
  • Fast delivery system based on solutions based on our reliable digital token ERC-20 (CVB).

Clevebet solves the most important problems faced by the traditional betting industry, and does so by gaining power from betting providers and places identical to players. Players are responsible for their game, set the rules and get liquidity for their winnings.

The whole system is completely decentralized, open and self-regulating. With the use of blockchain technology, there is absolutely no need for an intermediary (which causes almost all problems, primarily in traditional betting). The platform operates on the CVB Protocol, with a clear advantage in the form of blockchain and smart contract.

It provides operation of the entire decentralized platform. Each transaction provides security, and this is the most important thing.


CVB token ERC-20, on which the whole platform depends . Each transaction and a sufficient portion of ecosystem payments depend on it.

Features of the APP:

  • Round-the-clock betting on multiple teams;
  • Built-in player chat function;
  • Outstanding social characteristics such as group events and leaderboards;
  • Comprehensive betting records and statistics;
  • Secure wallet and withdrawal options;
  • Convenient interface.

The token distribution is as follows:


Road Map


Project Team


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ETH ADDRESS: 0xd61548E0d81A99174aD2Ab9c1F00e3069B34fAC1

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