CANLEAD: Decentralised Job Opportunity Sharing Platform

The work is very important for all people in the world with the work that we can obtain income and then make growth life for the better, and then the combination in the evolution of the era we can see technology implementation is added in the platform to provide a solution for it man.

Let's look at the solutions that we need to select to find jobs with skills and then see the progress for the acceleration of the ecosystem on the platform and then the payment transaction in there, so that will have an impact on the growth of the community interested in being want. to create more and more opportunities on the platform.

Make some easy to find opportunities like doing the easy tasks and then it will help everyone in the world to earn an income and then let's look at the era of cryptocurrency now we can see get more opportunities so this time I will be presenting a new era in the solution to get a chance to find a better job and it will have an impact on income, let's bring CANLEAD.

What is it CANLEAD?

Platform is a new innovation with the concept that better make the evolution to create opportunities on the job, we can see there do easily because to all users make money by referring all people to create a opportunities on the platform and then You will get the gift in to Your account, and then You can get more income by doing more tasks, and then buy tokens to get an advantage in the future, so I think it will make all new users feel comfortable to contribute in this platform.

The Era of the implementation of the technology of the blockchain technology so it will make the ecosystem and integrated on the platform also and build, with the technology of the blockchain on CANLEADyang make giving more benefits and advantages, and then on CANLEAD make the system better with the note and security for all users because there have people decentralized good and control the privacy of the client is very good with the technology of the blockchain makes the ecosystem great on the platform CANLEAD to perform the evolution in the distribution of opportunities, and then increase the share reputation and control proof of completion, as well as good transparency and control of risk management.

Benefits and features CANLEAD

  • CANDLEAD the First is to share good opportunities with the economic mode;l
  • solution for all people in the world to earn an income by referring people;
  • the implementation of the technology with the technology of the blockchain;
  • has good transparency which will make the management risk also;
  • putasi better and the platform is responsible;
  • it is very safe to control the evidence and the privacy of the client.

Let's see now CANLEAD will exchange the IEO in August 2019, September 2019, and then February 2019, the launch date will be announced 1 week before launch.

Detail IEO

  • Token name: CANDY
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: Utility
  • Price: $ 0,0333
  • Tokens for sale: 1.000.0000.000 CADD
  • For sale: 600,0000,000 CADD
  • Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000

The token distribution is as follows:

Road Map


Based on the data and facts are seen, CANLEAD very good for review and invested. This is based on the fact for the moment, many projects are not good, and make all the people who invest a lot of questions about the certainty and truth of them, so if You want to invest in this project, You must read all about the article that I made, so You can find out more about this project from them.

Official resources of the Canlead project:


ETH ADDRESS: 0xd61548E0d81A99174aD2Ab9c1F00e3069B34fAC1

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