ICO Reviews:  Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC)

Overview of Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC)

Electronic money market is on the rise, but the application and use of them in practice is still limited due to many problems such as lack of knowledge, poor security, etc. It is these things that limit the use of people's electronic money in everyday life.

Originating from the understanding of the problem that the market is facing, ARCC platform was born. ARCC is a foundation for IBMR.io's economic development model, creating an open, comprehensive asset distribution network designed specifically for electronic money users, from professional investors to people. Common use can quickly reach the electronic money economy using ARCC. This groundbreaking project will combine the use of open banking software to synchronize legal instruments with digital assets.

Users or participants in the system can link multiple bank accounts from different banks all in one interface to simplify the process. Dashboard (Dashboard) is designed to allow users to customize their interface to meet their needs and personal preferences. The ARCC (Open & Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption) Alliance has launched a platform to enhance electronic currency acceptance in the real world. This new platform will provide a technology solution that will help promote a set of electronic money services, encouraging mainstream adoption and promoting community participation.

What does ARCC have?

Asia Reserve Currency Coin: This solution will integrate financial data from various sources including banks, electronic money and exchanges. This requires merging wallet accounts with regular bank accounts and provides an auxiliary infrastructure to monitor, measure and propose the best actions for each user.

Interface Overview of ARCC: The interface provides users with a simple view to illustrate their financial situation. At a glance, information such as asset allocation, performance and volatility of portfolio, strategy ... can easily be captured, from which users can easily make decisions.

AI ARCC: Analyzing customer data and financial activity based on artificial intelligence, providing conclusions about the effectiveness of financial management methods for both customers and service providers.

Application Center ARCC App: "Google Play" of the Crypto world, where applications are developed, tested and "real battle". Developers, testers and reviewers will have their rewards.

Quest: A community of money and consumer developers to develop new applications, promote blockchain innovation, solve problems, co-finance investment opportunities and contribute to the ARCC community.

ARCC Tokens: Motivation for the Asia Reserve Currency Coin Platform - used to reward community users, to fund startups, provide purchasing services as well as payment facilities in the platform.

About ARCC token

ARCC tokens - materials for the Asia Reserve Currency Coin platform can be used to:

  • Access authenticated third party services through ARCC Application Center, paid by ARCC Tokens.
  • Make in-app purchases, ARCC Token is the currency of the Asia Reserve Currency Coin Platform, which simplifies the user experience and supports faster access to third-party services.
  • Receive special offers and exclusive deals from ARCC partners depending on the use of the token and account value.
  • With Bancor payment protocol is used to handle all transactions on this platform. This will make ARCC the central platform where users can buy and manage their electronic money services in the same place.

To learn more about the ARCC project, check out the links below

Website: https://ibmr.io
Whitepaper: https://ibmr.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ARCC-WHITE-PAPER-v12.5-Final-2019.pdf
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ARCCtoken
Twitter: http://bit.ly/ARCCTwitter
Facebook: http://bit.ly/ARCCFB
Average: http://bit.ly/ARCCMEDIUM
Telegram: https://t.me/arccenglish
Bitcointalk username: rutezhutchinson
Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2559980

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