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According to experts, most hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges occur because most of them do not have well-honed security mechanisms and strictly regulated rules for verifying new users. While hackers are coming up with more and more virtuosic and sophisticated ways to attack exchange digital assets, the owners of cryptocurrency exchanges are not particularly in a hurry to take drastic measures to prevent theft, so absolutely anyone who trades cryptocurrency can get hit. Most often, exchanges are hacked using stolen API keys to transfer digital money to conventional Fiat funds. Also popular among hackers is the creation and installation of various kinds of virus programs that steal passwords and automatically redirect them to attackers. In General, this is how we live, but despite all this, the technology of block chains is of great value for all mankind, you just need to debug some mechanisms that will eventually lead to the full implementation of all the potential inherent in the Blockchain technology and then all of us will go to live in Hawaii, since in this case, the current capitalization indicators will increase thousands of times.

One way or another, crypto exchanges today are not a safe place where everyone could trade with full confidence in the safety of their funds, easily and quickly exchange digital money for Fiat funds and withdraw them without any problems to the exchange card. All this prompted the developers of the COINCASSO project to create the most secure and convenient cryptocurrency exchange of the new generation.

But despite all this, digital assets, in particular cryptocurrency, are gradually becoming a widely recognized and used tool for trading in some countries, regardless of real money. Based on the development of web technologies, transactions are becoming faster, which allows not only to make purchases more flexibly, but also to use cryptocurrency as a tool for making international transfers with a minimum Commission, as well as as an investment.

Our cryptosphere has been rapidly modernizing recently. every day, the best minds of the planet are working to improve the Blockchain industry itself and develop innovative solutions, implement new projects and platforms. In this review, we will consider one of the blockchain platforms that is qualitatively different from similar ones and is already fully functioning - this is the LIQIO project. This platform will appeal to every crypto enthusiast, because investors will be able to discover new opportunities on it, and traders will get more benefit from trading.

LIQIO is already an officially registered company with its office in Estonia.

In addition, this company is currently in the process of obtaining 2 very important licenses:

  • the license for stock exchange;
  • license on koslek.

    These licenses will allow the platform to create its own credit cards and interact with banks without any obstacles at the legislative level and in accordance with all legal norms of the country in which it is based. Obtaining these licenses will create a favorable environment for further development of the company and will raise the exchange to a level higher than most of the currently existing similar trading instruments on the financial services market.

    So, LIQIO Exchange is a trading platform where digital assets are already being actively traded. The LIQIO team has developed solutions that will counter common problems today, primarily related to the security of digital asset storage. Most exchanges do not prioritize security and convenience for their clients, they are only interested in their own enrichment, so trading for the bulk of the world's inhabitants is something frightening and incomprehensible, that is, a huge layer of potential investors and traders remains out of the game, fearing the loss of their funds or difficulties associated with the complexity of understanding when registering or verifying their exchange accounts. LIQIO solves all these problems! How exactly, we will consider below.

The structure of this platform is created in such a way that users do not have to worry about how to secure their assets and trade in the most convenient addition, it will not be difficult for beginners to master the most intuitive user interface of the platform, which will undoubtedly attract a huge number of new users over time. The exchange is based on a hybrid model, which makes trading as comfortable and safe as possible, which is usually of paramount importance for the average investor.

In addition, this recently launched platform is designed to filter fraudulent projects that are now literally teeming with the crypto industry. For 2019, more than 70 % of projects were more or less a Scam, deliberate or not-this is another question, but the fact remains that people lose their invested funds, believing in the success of the project, the work and products of which often remain only in beautifully laid out fairy tales on white paper. The LIQIO exchange will fight this lawlessness. This raises the bar for projects that want to get a listing on it so high that only those companies that can meet and discuss all the conditions in person will get it. Moreover, the meeting does not guarantee 100 % listing, it is just a primary filter that will select projects to transfer it to the next levels of checks. In General, there will definitely be no Scam, people will be able to buy cryptocurrency on LIQIO without any fears!

LIQIO is an exchange with many different additional tools, cool bells and whistles, and features that you won't find on other platforms. It has a huge number of advantages that are significantly ahead of all existing analogues in terms of technology. The essence of this review is to tell people about the various additional features, properties, and tools that make LIQIO one of the best platforms for trading digital assets. Read on to find out what this platform has to offer you and your fellow traders!


Interest in trading on LIQIO is significantly increased for all cryptans, because there is a huge motivator for traders in the form of issuing bonus tokens to everyone - this is the first feature that will make you pay attention to trading with LIQIO. What other digital asset trading platform has been able to be so generous to its users? LIQIO is making a leap and making every effort to become the best digital asset trading platform in the world!

It should be noted that the distribution of dividends will occur after summing up and comparing all trading fees and the overall budget, including listing fees and all other financial inflows. After all calculations, the exchange will transfer half of all earnings to traders. The remaining half will be saved for further development and maintenance of the platform. I believe that this is a very fair strategy that will undoubtedly bear fruit.


LIQIO allows all its users and traders to vote for or against absolutely any issue or topic raised on the platform. The most significant of all this is the process of listing new digital tokens on the liqio cryptocurrency exchange. Traders will be able to decide the fate of projects themselves by voting with lqo platform tokens for or against crypto tokens that were included in the shortlist for listing. In addition, the voting model implies that when traders buy LQO tokens, they automatically get the right to vote. 1 lqo token is equal to one vote.


We all know how important it is for the exchange to verify the identity of traders on the platform, as this is required by strict regulators. Instead of the usual periodic checks used on many cryptocurrency exchanges, you will now be able to verify your identity only once. It is also important to note that despite the number of transactions and the amount of funds that you own on the LIQIO exchange, you can be sure that you will not need any additional verification to withdraw from 2 BTC per day, as is usually the case on most exchanges I know.


People make mistakes, and in this case how to trade digital assets, one mistake can be very costly. Alone sometimes it's hard to make a correct decision, it is much easier when it all happens together or under the guidance of more experienced traders. A lot easier to trade when using the same or similar way, which use known traders. This idea underlies the model of joint trade cryptocurrency exchanges LIQIO, where you can follow the strategies of the best traders and getting a lot of experience and skills of a professional.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that this platform has everything needed for successful development and prosperity. Over LIQIO employs only professionals with high qualifications and huge experience. LIQIO able to change the rules of the game in kriptonyte thanks to its advanced technology, to raise the blockchain technology to a higher level of recognition and acceptance on a global scale. LIQIO try to be the best among the best and after a couple of years will certainly achieve worldwide recognition. They will cleanse the industry from Scam projects, which ultimately will increase the degree of confidence in cryptocurrency in General around the world. This exchange has incorporated all the best and cut away the flaws, creating a really great product. LIQIO aims to change people's view of the comfortable trade! For more detailed information on the project can follow the links below.

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