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The use of Blockchain technology in traditional sectors of the economy and financial apparatus has huge advantages over the long-outdated, but widely used today traditional models. The last significant modernization of these industries date back to the 19th century, it was then that the abolition of the Gold standard. Since then, more than 200 years have passed, and the system of work of the main structures has not changed much and still represents a red tape with paper reports and all sorts of forms. If not for the Internet, it would be quite sad, but it is also not a panacea, as almost any database can be hacked and compromised data.

The current economic model is extremely archaic, it was created long before our birth and needs urgent modernization. At every step require obscure paper and printing, without which it is impossible to get anything done, bureaucracy sometimes comes to idiocy - I think many have experienced this. In addition, the whole system is rotten, being a hot spot for the accumulation of fraudsters of all stripes, who use their powers and steal billions, remaining in most cases unpunished. Save the situation can only Blockchain technology, because it is transparent and fair, nobody will be able to intervene in code and change data, adding yourself to the salary of a pair of zeros. It will clarify and streamline actions, destroying forever most types of financial fraud.

The technology of the distributed register is being modernized from year to year, the number of supporters of this technology and the number of startups involved in it are increasing. Every day new projects are launched, each of which in an endless arms race tries to surpass its predecessors, offering the world a better model. This article will focus on just one of these projects, the developers of which for a long time analyzed the shortcomings of earlier startups, creating their ideal model of the blockchain ecosystem, which should make a real technological breakthrough in the blockchain industry.

The most popular blockchains today are Ethereum and Bitcoin, but they are not suitable for transactions on a free scale. Bitcoin only 4 transactions per second, Ethereum 15 transactions, so with the growth of the ecosystem in the network there are problems, they are not able to meet the demands of 8 billion people on the planet. All this hinders the development of the blockchain industry and prevents its introduction into our daily lives. Come to the aid of hard forks, that is, the branching of the network, which are a secondary platform that operates on the basis of the source code with small changes in the code itself, aimed at improving the functionality of its predecessor.

Today consider a hard fork Ethereum - EtherZero. This is one of the latest hard forks, which has a number of significant advantages. I would like to note at once, this is not some bench fork of the ETC type, but already a functioning network, the coin of the ecosystem is already trading on many exchanges, there is a listing on coinmarketcap.

EtherZero was launched quite a long time ago - hard fork occurred on the Ethereum block 4936270 20.01.2018. The main goal of the project is to increase the network bandwidth, Etherzero is able to process thousands of transactions per second! In addition, transactions on the network are planned to be made free of charge.

EtherZero have ready partnerships with many exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets that will support the coin project. Have EtherZero is and their wallets for the storage of digital assets, anyone can afford to choose the most suitable option ETZ wallet.


Tier system
In Ethereum to implement the transactions necessary Gas, without it none of the operations will be performed. EtherZero works in a different way, there's no Gasа, instead he had added a Protocol to facilitate conduction of the operations of the network.

Zero fees
There will be no commissions in the EtherZero network, in General, this approach will undoubtedly attract the attention of the entire world crypto-currency community, making this network the most popular on the planet!

High scalability combined with instant translations
EtherZero will finally be able to solve the scalability trilemma, which States that blockchain ecosystems are only capable of having 2 out of 3 characteristics, which is either high transaction speed or maximum scalability with decentralization.

Self-regulating system without centralized control
All disputes and recommendations for the further development of the project will be adopted not by the Central authorities, but by a special management system with a more democratic approach to solving issues crucial for the ecosystem.

The main advantage of the project is the ability to make instant payments between users, without any additional financial costs in the form of commissions and fees. Miners are not very profitable, because they will receive a reward only for the generated blocks.

EtherZero is essentially version 2.0, that is, it is the second version of this product, which has a number of advantages compared to the first. This is another plus in favor of the company, demonstrating the constant modernization of the product and work on their offspring. In addition, EtherZero is already an officially registered company with its head office in Singapore, which has all the necessary regulatory documents. The project has a highly qualified team of developers, reliable partners and clear goals for further development. I would not be surprised if in a couple of years we see EtherZero in the top 10 on cmc. In General, the project is quite interesting with global plans, for more detailed information you can follow the links below.

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