The Revolutionary Dominium In Real Estate Sector Via Blockchain Technology.

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The real estate industry often uses blocking technology. Since the utilization of modern technologies has greatly influenced the development of the modern world. Still not everything is facile in that environment, however, life does not stop and aptitudinal(skilled) developers work every day to solve these quandaries. The Dominium platform has been working since 1833 in the authentic estate sector, where skillful professionals with extensive experience in this field work.
Commencement of the quandary of the ecumenical authentic estate market lies in the fact that, the utilization of obsolete technology, which, in turn, are astronomically constrained for its operation, such as being subject to regulation by agents and financial institutions. Languages ​​and financial barriers withal affect the market, making it a remuneratively lucrative but often inaccessible place. Dominium solves these quandaries by placing a finance property, property management, and lists in the block and chain of standardized multi-language platform normative documentation, it opens the market of sundry nationalities, availability levels and agents of listing. Consequently, finance, management and authentic estate trade are amplified and simplified.
Dominium is an international platform where all normative documents can be standardized, and assets are placed in the chain block, along with sales, rentals and property management. Utilizing the subsidiary chain Ardor, Dominium will receive the compulsory regulatory licenses, which sanction the engenderment of standardized licit templates for the financing of properties. This will sanction companies to develop standards for owners to buy Dominium accounts. And since assets are engendered in a chain of blocks, their owners are assured consummate security and transparency. In additament, Dominium is ensured by a portfolio of authentic estate assets that engender income and provide future development and maintenance of the platform.

ICO details

Token Token - DOM

Total volume of tokens issued - 1 000 000 000 DOM

The total amount of tokens for sale is 700,000,000 DOM

The private sale commenced on July 1, 2018.

The cost of the token is € 0.05 per DOM

Bonus of up to 20% depending on the deposit.

The minimum purchase during a private sale is 10,000 DOM

The main ITO stage

Stage 1: 03/09/2018. The cost of the token is 0.10 euros per DOM

Stage 2: will commence after the terminus of Phase 1. Cost - 0.15 euros for DOM

Stage 3. The cost of the token is € 0.20 per DOM

4th stage The cost of the token is € 0.25 per DOM

Minimum purchase during the public sale 100 DOM

Soft Cap - € 2,500,000

Hard Cap - € 92,500,000

Accepted currency: EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, NXT, ardor, IGNIS
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