Datarius Cryptobank

ICO project Datarius and its DTRC-token represent the first social decentralized P2P crypto bank. Users, individuals and legal entities, from all over the world will have the opportunity to interact directly with each other bypassing intermediaries, paying only a minimal commission to the site at their discretion depending on the selected additional services, working with phiath and crypto-currency accounts.

Datarius works on a blockbuster with a deep integration of social functions — trust limits, trust management, “people’s” ratings, cross-platform credit rating, allowing almost completely to automate the work with finances. The declared “pay as much as you wish” model will be realized by integrating “designers” for each application, allowing you to select only those additional services that are really needed. The built-in AI-based Expert Advisor will offer the best option based on your preferences.

Particular attention is paid to P2P lending: Datarius users will be able to quickly receive and issue loans without intermediaries — directly interacting with other users from around the world, to organize automatic microcredit accounts, use credit cards based on p2p lending and trust limits. Blocking will allow you to safely store all information about the sides and results of transactions, thereby improving the algorithms of credit scoring. The fulfillment of loan commitments will be controlled through smart contracts.

The value proposition of Datarius ICO

The interface of the product implies a full set of financial instruments: currency transactions (auto exchange / internal exchange / gateways to the top-exchanges), direct lending (in 3 versions with different depth and degree of risk), investment programs (in 2 versions), loans for small and medium-sized businesses, demand deposits, as well as intra-system card products (both direct in the intrasystem unit and gateways through partner companies).

The peculiarity of the project is the presence of real physical accounts, which duplicate the internal accounts of users. What gives a full range of financial opportunities for the period of development of the block economy of the world.

The project offers enhanced integration of crypto-currency / fiat bundles including instant money transfer systems, as well as its own unique verification methods in partnership with pre-existing block projects.

A system of trust limits is introduced, with the ability to define a limit for a particular user / group / of all users according to pre-defined criteria.

In the Datarius Cryptobank, we minimize the commission and allow users to independently determine the necessary additional services for each transaction, offering full support (on the project site, a commission of less than 0.5% of the transaction amount is indicated), as well as an annual distribution of up to 65% of the total profit of the project between active holders of tokens.

It is also worth noting that the project offers the opportunity to participate in the formation of the credit rating of other participants.

The project team
The team has gathered with experience in banking and finance, including working with problem loans, as part of large international projects (a full list is given in Whitepaper).

Aleksey Vujko is the operational director, has a master’s degree in economics and applied engineering and has many years of financial work experience, a specialist in business planning, operations and marketing (Delta Bank and VAB Bank).

Ruslan Vasyutin is a marketing director, a candidate of psychology, has a degree in economics and marketing, has held senior management positions in large companies for more than 20 years, including the post of general director of Kniazha Life Vienna Insurance Group, the author of more than 50 works in the field of business psychology and personal growth .

Larisa Sokolovskaya is a financial director and a graduate in the field of national economic planning. She has experience in key management positions in economic planning, analysis and monitoring departments for over 10 years.

Nikolay Zvezdin is a financial adviser, investment director in the Envinary Group, financial director at Enlight Visionary.

Connor Kiyong Tak — Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Aston Company, Singapore. Strategic expert in Certon Korea.

Sergey Skabelkin is co-founder of FinTech Cluster in Ukraine. Expert in the field of FinTech and mobile banking, the business architect of mobile wallets and online services. More than 10 years of successful work in the banking sector: KB Privat Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Swedbank, etc. He took part in the creation and promotion of several FinTech startups in mPOS, was an adviser in the Open Dollar project.

The consultant of the project is Simon Cocking — ITO adviser. Chief Editor of CryptoCoin. News, senior editor of Irish Tech News. 20 years of successful experience in IT projects around the world. In 2016, he was named one of the three most significant figures in the sphere of blockade.

Pros of the project

The very idea. Decentralized P2P crypto bank, which combines Fiat and Crypto-currency.
Bright social orientation of the project (openness to the needs of customers, trust management, independence of users).
Integration of machine learning.
The presence of a full-fledged mobile application, which has all the components of the dekstop version.
The possibility of earning a client in conjunction with the bank: programs, fees for activity, comissionback.
Open, active team, speaking at various conferences. The site has a constantly updated section — “life of the team.”
Fast integration of external services via API
Transparent blockade.
Decentralized model, the money is completely controlled by the client.
User training. Online guide at every stage of development with the possibility of conducting online training courses.
Online online support.
For the first 12 hours of ITO (05.03.2018) the maximum bonus is assumed when buying tokens.


The project is young and ambitious. During the pre-sale he managed to collect $ 540,000. Soft cap was reached in the first 2.5 hours, which indicates the interest in the project from investors. The project has already received high reviews from experts, including the founder of Crypto Consulting & Investments LTD Jan Scarf.

We recommend adding DTRC tokens for the medium and long term in the portfolio, taking into account the current price of 1 cent per token, you can get a good profit when entering the stock exchange. But do not forget the main rule of the cryptotrader — diversify!
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Date: 03/05/2018
End date of the ICO: 05/04/2018
Token: DTRC — standard ERC20
Cost of the token: 1 DTRC = 0.01 USD
Web Site:

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