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Hello everyone, in this new article, I want to present the Mycro project. For more details, let's move on to the following discussion:

What is Mycro? 

Do you want to make money quickly and easily? 
Explore the Mycro application and find the job that works for you. Apply now and do work. As simple as that. 

We release the power of local communities by applying our protocol to connect people. Thanks to this changing platform, we will open the door to becoming the world's largest marketplace for matching real-time jobs. 

Gardening Services , cleaning, storing, declaring, small repairs, window cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking ... Shopping 

Services, driving services, transportation services, shipping services ... 

Virtual services
Internet research, travel planning, support services, office work, online surveys ... 

Special Services 
Tutoring, photography, modeling work, piano lessons, computer installations, TV installations, DJs, waiter services, setting up internet connections ... 

How to use tokens Mycro (MYO) 

Purchase Work Use Mycro Token (MYO) to better position yourself on the job board dashboard. This allows you to determine your own expenses. We call it shopping. 
Receive MYO from a collection of community prizes for good value after the work is successful and build the Mycro community - controlled by smart contracts. 
It is expected that you can use Mycro Tokens (MYO) to pay for work - reliably and safely, using a smart escrow agreement. (Expected) 
Simple work. Simple use. 

Our ICO 
Mycro wants to solve a major social problem. Thanks to our peer-to-peer network for simple tasks, we give people control over their time and money. During our ICO, a maximum of 100 million MYO will be made. Softcap will reach 3.5 million euros. 

Facts and specifications 
Symbol MYO 
Softcap 3 500 000 € 
Hardcap 14 000 000 € 
Supply 100,000 MYO Tokens Private 
sales 26 000 000 MYO 
Main sales 40 000 000 MYO 
Specifications Blockchain Tokens ERC20 
Method of participation ETH
ICO T4 / 2018 Starting The 

exact amount of ETH will be determined before the beginning of the hand 
Distribution token

Detail Token:

Symbol: MYO 
Token Type: ERC20 
Total Supply: 100 millions 
Softcap: $ 3,500,000 
Hardcap: $ 14,000,000


Phase 01: Structure 

Start - Design Mycro 
Team & company - Establishment of Mycro.Jobs GmbH and Center Team Development, White Paper on Development, Legal Review of Design Tokens 
MVP - Start Development of MVP, Launch Site Web White List 
Online ICO website, 
Smart Crowdsale Contract ready for 
Q3 / 2018 
Private sales for strategic partners with long-term value for the project 
Q4 / 2018 
Pre-sales for "first investor" 
Q4 / 2018 
Main sales - ICO, capital acquisition for Mycro network development and 
Phase 02 roadmap implementation : Expansion

MYO exchange list for the first quarter / 2019 - 
We will work on MYO registration on the relevant major exchange 

progressive MVP launch T1 / 2019 - 
Local Market (Germany) 
Q3 / 2019 
National Launch - 
This application will be launched in German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and German-speaking cities in Switzerland and Austria. 

Q1 / 2020 European Launch - 
This application will be launched in France, Spain, Sweden and Italy - preferably in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Stockholm and Rome 
Q4 / 2020 
Global launch - 
Applications will be launched 
in Asia and the United States 
Phase 03: Decentralization 

T2 / 2021 
Starting from decentralization -
Progressive introduction to decentralized 
T2 / 2022 management mechanisms for 
total decentralization - 
IT capabilities





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By: Muhammad rowi


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