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Colletrix visualizes a world where new economies and old economies will be fully integrated to create new economic models that maximize benefits for all.
Participants Starting with IP and the creative industry, we estimate a revolutionary industry where IP owners will be able to maintain a licensing prize that has the right to receive blockchain technology applications.



Colletrix will release its own ecosystem token, ERC-20, Colletrix Token ("CIPX"). Usage includes:
Crypto-exclusive buys special edition items
Priority for NFT purchases
Payment platform

Colletrix uses the ERC-721 protocol for non-functioning tokens (NFT). Each NFT represents a unique IP. The ERC-721 Token can be seen on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the largest public networks in the world.
Colletrix has the support of talented teams from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena, and Bitwork Accelerator. UNDONE will bring its commercial expertise to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology for merchandise, Animoca Brands will present a broad network of IP owners and blockchain and gamification technologies, while Future Arena will use a strong IP sport and entertainment portfolio, all for dynamic IP trading and trade creation ecosystems physically using blockchain technology.


CIPX is a crypto currency that is supported by the standard ERC-20 ethereum network. Therefore, all records related to CIPX can be viewed using Browser Ethereum.

Token Name: Colletrix
 Symbol: CIPX
 Platform: Ethereum
 Type: ERC721





1. First Exchange Offer
 2. Team recruitment
 Beta platform and merchandise launch in June 2019 (UNDONE watches related to NFT, IP tokensization)
Q3 2019
1. Development of the First IP x NFT Marketplace Merchandise
2. More UNDONE items plus the NFT collection
Q4 2019 - Q1 2020
1. Gamification elements to create incentives for the NFT collection
2. Open the platform for the production of decoupling of goods
from creating an IP address, generating more IP addresses that are created and tokenized.)
Q2 2020

IEO Assessment:

Initial exchange offers for CIPX will be conducted on different exchange platforms throughout the world.

he IEO will start from the first week of June 2019, token buyers can buy CIPX tokens based on who takes precedence, served first up to 200,000,000 tokens for sale. The Token Buyer will receive the CIPX token within 5 working days after the IEO is complete.

Sales Tokens and Release Schedules:




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