AIGO protocol (XGO)

Although there is a strong perception in the world market that cryptocurrency can eradicate the possibility of fraud and payment problems may be insufficient. AIGO is a new payment platform that has several important and innovative features, tools and services.

The AIGO project aims to create a fully decentralized payment system. Blockchain technology is a big promise to change the payment industry. The problems described in the previous section can be solved with the help of P2P core payment networks, which provide the flexibility and scalability of payment cards on a decentralized platform. The AIGO protocol can simplify transactions between buyers and sellers, eliminate intermediaries along the way, save large sums of money for sellers and buyers, increase overall efficiency and reduce risk.

 AIGO is designed as a free and smart source code project that is built around a special contract chain that regulates transaction behavior. This can be arranged as a simple transaction, a very complex transaction, including, but not limited to, payment payments, split payments, usage fees, exchange rate adjustments, or a combination of the above. Companies will be able to use decentralized payment mechanisms, such as making new ones according to their needs in the business world. We believe that the solutions offered by AIGO will create business opportunities for external companies that can create additional services on top of SmartContract and help promote AIGO Ecosystems. This service may include, but is not limited to credit, transaction, insurance, arbitration, and other services.

AIGO working principle

For a cryptocurrency to be successful over time, it must be a key aspect of the ecosystem that it represents. The AI-Payment ecosystem will be fully built on the functionality of AIGOPay tokens. Our goal is to create the de jure and de facto standard. AI-payment for modern payments by adopting strong economic support for tokens.

Our platform


The Account panel is used to view account information and link the wallet to the wallet. The wallet is the user's private key. A-Wallet will facilitate interactions between bill payments and between bills. This interaction consists of PullRequests, approve transactions, display transaction history and display account balances.


The platform that we carry out is where the payment system uses an ATM card (A-Card). We will distribute card A which will help resolve the decision to withdraw fiat currency (Crypto Card Bank), and pay bills without the smallest commission.


Trading platforms that support AI-System are designed to allow users to buy goods without confirmation at the center, which happens immediately without a significant time delay. This is one AIGO platform that has something unique from other e-commerce sites.

 Chain block

 Initially, AIGO was introduced in the Ethereum network, but intends to use other networks for future development. The AIGO solution consists of several smart and unique contract components that combine to create a flexible AI payment chain.


AIGO Smart Contract

AIGO Smart Contract is a smart contract that secures and retains ownership of AIGO tokens among various wallets. This is a modified version of the signed ERC-20 contract, which adds flexibility to payment and transfer protocols. It is important to note that the contract tokens will be processed by: 
Creator of the agreement. 
Community of tokens. 
Contractor of the agreement.


AIGO = 0.004 $

Soft Cap: 3 200 000 $

Hard Cap: 42 000 000 $

IEO: [23.07] (23.07) - 31.08

Distribution token

50%: pre-sale of AIGO and sale of IEO 
17%: reserved funds 
13%: founders and core team (1 year lock) 
10%: product development, product testing and beta testing 
5%: marketing costs for a partnership or market maker 
3%: distribution for consultants 
2%: community campaign


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