Increasing youtube followers everyday | 키우는재미

I used to feel like it's impossible for minnows to get views on youtube. I still get close to nothing, but gaining another 100 subscribers recently meant a lot to me. It's hope.

요즘 유툽이랑 레딧하는 재미가 쏠쏠함. 스팀에서도 마찬가지였지만 0에서 100, 100에서 1000가는 기분은 매우 좋음. 초반이 어렵지만 포기하면 안됨.

I remember I started with 0 on steem too. You just gotta slowly work your way up.

Trying to recreate Hammer of the Ancients here (Diablo3 Barbarian skill).
Gotta add some VFX now..

2019-05-22 12-47-42.mp4_20190522_125101.gif

아직 할게 많음..

For those who's been asking about my food, here's some "Chinese food" that's not really Chinese. It's Korean rice and noodles but we call it Chinese. Kinda like fortune cookies..


"중국집"은 한국에만 있는듯..

I realized I stay in front of my computer most of the time, eating and watching videos.


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