The Most Powerful Solar Eruption In The Last 12 Years

NASA experts have registered one of the most powerful solar eruptions in the last 12 years. It was one of the 15 most powerful light, thermal and kinetic energies ever traced in the entire observation history of the Sun.


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NASA reported that the power of the eruption was so great that residents of Ohio and Indiana would be able to observe the northern lights that night. Solar eruptions are often accompanied by similar phenomena. But today a full moon is expected, and the Earth's natural moon will slightly dim the brightness of the glow. Solar eruptions are the cause of magnetic storms, who affect many people, spacecraft navigation, and the sensitive electronics.
Yesterday, in the second half of the day, the sunspot №2665 unexpectedly threw a huge volume of coronal mass. Earth is very lucky because the coronal mass was thrown in the opposite direction of the blue planet.
The solar mass moves at a speed of more than 400 km/s and hits Earth after one to three days. If the sunburn is in the direction of our planet, all orbital satellites would be destroyed, as all Earth energy systems. According to the calculations, the world economy would last only for a week, and the recovery process would take many decades.

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