VOLUM is a blockchain era holding company. Such companies have always been part of the business and investment landscape for decades. Some of the most famous companies in the world, including Alphabet, General Electric and Bank of America, and many others work as holding companies. VOLUM tries to use all the advantages of such a holding structure, which reduces risks, using diversification and at the same time allows using such infrastructure to achieve the most rapid effect of scale. At VOLUM, all its portfolio companies use a single technology platform of a single currency and blockchain, which helps to fully optimize supply chain management, transactions in the B2B market, which are supported by fairly reliable smart contracts and advanced data analytics. Such portfolio companies undoubtedly benefit greatly from their excellent integration with other VOLUM companies. VOLUM also holds minority positions in a fairly wide range of companies, intellectual property and other attractive assets. All such assets are tokenized on the decentralized platform of the VOLUM company and are provided to willing investors on the most well-known digital currency exchanges.



The VOLUM platform will be used when running utility tokens VLM. VOLUM is built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and will be able to perform smart contracts that are already in unprecedented demand. VOLUM is a unique platform and provides all interested companies with more organizational and supervisory capabilities than anyone else. Using the blockchain platform VOLUM, all companies involved by it will be able to track and route, as well as identify all data activity. All collected data will be blocked in the PLATFORM with a high level of security and which can be trusted and checked at any time during operation. The final result of using the VOLUM platform is that all companies involved in the platform will have a unique opportunity to scale from local to global markets in the fastest way, and all of these companies will have the most control over their supply chains. This is beneficial and good for all participants.

How it works:

What is the strategy of the VOLUM:

VOLUM will increase using acquisitions of minority stakes in promising companies in the market, preferably based on innovative technologies and blockchain. VOLUM is actively looking for companies that have strong management teams, fairly reliable market strategies and who already have viable products. VOLUM preferences are advanced power consumption, supply chain management software as a service, and mobile and social marketing applications. Through the implementation of intelligent contracts related to each VLM token compatible with ERC-20 and ERC-721, the platform It has the flexibility to handle a wide range of transaction types. And that is why VLM can be used as a utility token for conducting transactions between several business entities with a diverse range of products and services.

I would like to note that the initial goal of the VOLUM platform was focused on the production and sale, as well as the distribution of alcoholic beverages, as well as on the intellectual energy industry. VOLUM has a great many unique opportunities for many other industries.

Here is a good example for companies related to energy:
Energy Saving Systems (ERS) - which is a manufacturer of equipment for monitoring electricity inside the building.
GridPower is the exclusive seller of ERS devices that sells the product to building owners, as well as provides monthly subscription services (GridPal) to get all the analytical information about electricity monitoring.
ACME Financial - Leases building owners to purchase ERS products.
VOLUM platform - Uses the token of its VLM platform and manages all transactions in the decentralized system for making payments and monitoring data analytics.

Token Sale:

Homepage: https://volum.io
Whitepaper: https://volum.io/assets/images/volum-whitepaper.pdf

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Telegram: https://t.me/volumholdings
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoVolum
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/volumproject/
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