GEMSTRA - The first influencer & KOL commerce marketplace.

Gemstra is the company that unites and connects the entire business with influential people in order to promote, develop and stimulate retail sales through the ecosystem using the blockchain. Undoubtedly, the influence of commerce is growing rapidly, since at the moment social networks and instant messengers have conquered the whole world. By 2020, quite an impressive amount, namely about $ 10 billion, will be paid to influential people on marketing, and these figures continue to show excellent growth, namely development by 20% compared to last year. Gemstra company is developing a set of innovative modules for blockchain-based infrastructure so that all interested companies, as well as influential people, including, can easily interact with each other.

The GEMS marker provides robust governance through rate mechanisms in order to ensure equity between business and influential individuals. The GEMS token is also the default token of the Gemstra platform itself for payment and reward transactions. Having ensured that all companies and influential individuals can easily interact with each other, Gemstra also opens the trade of influential individuals for the global retail economy, the amount of which is about $ 24 tllion.

The Gemsmstra project team consists of veterans of consumer Internet and technologists with long work experience and positive reviews who have already launched a proven business in Gemstra Boutiques and recently launched a new product, namely the alpha version of its innovative dapp module called Knowy. This is the first of its kind survey platform that makes the checks honest, using social reputations in its mechanism. The vision of Gemstra is to provide new opportunities to all consumers, using the redistribution of the profits of consumers back to their social influence.

The team:


Token mechanism:

When Gemstra uses the ASTRA tokenization mechanism with the GEMS token, the company reduces the friction created in transactions using the platform payment token with interchangeability. GEMS is the DRC-20 protocol token, which is the most cost-effective and correct method for exchanging and storing costs. GEMS is also the default compensation and compensation method for Influencers / KOL. All companies and brands that are on the platform are buying GEMS to attract Influencers / KOL. Most importantly, GEMS provides a stable management structure for the Gemstra ecosystem. Influential persons / KOL, as well as brands associate GEMS with enterprises in order to obtain the rights / permits to attract. In addition to everything, GEMS will still be needed in order to bid for access to the modules. GEMS allows you to best manage and control betting pools throughout the platform ecosystem, and this deserves the attention of all participants.

Data Storage:

All platform data will be stored using the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), this is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that connects all devices with files. This technology allows you to use a distributed file system with the highest bandwidth. All files in IPFS are located using a hash, which acts as an address data. Gemstra will store this hash in the blockchain for high security and data integrity.

Data Governance:

Gemstra trusts blockchain and decentralization technologies, as well as the openness and transparency of all actions taking place using these technologies, but there are certain pieces of information that must be kept confidential, namely emails, names and addresses of all users of the platform. All of the above information will be encrypted using an encryption model with a public-private key, in order to restrict access to only the "owners" of the data.

Smart Contracts:

Smart contracts are immutable programs that are self-fulfilled under certain programmed conditions that are spelled out in the body of the contract. Such contracts allow you to fairly and quickly verify the data, they are also low-cost and fully transparent. Smart contracts are at the core of the economy, and authority lies in infrastructure. All components of Smart Contracts are created and registered to work in a Dexon (DVM) virtual machine and written in Solidity format. Using Smart contracts, which are in unprecedented demand today, Gemstra guarantees that Influencers / KOL, brands and all customers of the platform will receive payments that are carried out quickly and transparently, consistently and without unnecessary intermediaries.

Token Economics:

Use of Funds:

Gemstra will use all of the funds received mainly to increase and expand sales across its entire ecosystem. For marketing, as well as business development, 38% of the total amount will be allocated. In the first two years, marketing programs will mainly focus on the growth of Influencer / KOL for Boutiques Marketplace. Starting from the third year, the marketing activities of Gemstra will significantly shift towards business growth, having convened existing retailers to integrate with the ASTRA platform. Software development is the second equally important part of the platform’s costs, representing 22% of the deployed funds.

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