Collectives IEO on Chaincreator Exchange. Hurry up to join.

More recently, the launch of IEO has become a very convenient and attractive way for investors to participate in token sales. It is enough to register on the cryptocurrency exchange, pass the KYC check and you are ready to take part in sales, buying at the best price.
Collective decided to take advantage of such a great opportunity and already on May 6 each user and investor will have an excellent opportunity to buy CDEX tokens at 0.01 USDC on the Chaincreator cryptocurrency exchange.
During the ICO, a lot of users and investors learned about Collective, who participated in the ICO with great pleasure, and now the moment came when it would be possible to replenish their long-term investments, but in a completely different way. IEO is an even more reliable and convenient way to participate in sales, which in a very short time has become the most sought-after cryptocurrency community that is growing daily.
The purchase process itself is very simple and convenient. It is enough to have on the deposit of Chaincreator any of the top cryptocurrencies, namely BTC, ETH, NEO and others .... In the trading terminal, the user selects the number of tokens that he wants to purchase and already sees how much it will buy. This method is also convenient because you can make a purchase several times during the entire duration of the IEO. Previously, when conducting an ICO, all these advantages were lacking and this caused great inconvenience.

After you have made a purchase, your tokens will already be on your deposit account and you will be able to withdraw them to any purse (ERC-20) with great ease. On the cryptocurrency exchange Chaincreator, you can contact technical support, which will very quickly answer all your questions and help you understand everything. Progress and improvement of ways to attract investments, as well as investor participation in sales, will always only improve and become more convenient, easy and safe.

Registering at Chaincreator is very simple, just a few steps.
You will need to follow the link
Enter your e-mail and password, then confirm your account using the received link to your e-mail.Be sure to activate two-factor verification, thereby increasing the level of security of your account.Functionality and ease of use of the menu and all functions of the cryptocurrency exchange Chaincreator is available easy to use and is available even to those who do not have special skills in trading.

Collective is also attractive because it already has MVP. The hardworking team of the project Collective already has clients who are very satisfied with the service and the Collective platform. Every day, quite a few efforts are being made to improve and improve the platform, which today looks very attractive and it never ceases to please.

Each of the participants in IEO can at any time go to the website of the company Collective
( ) to study the white paper of the project and get all the necessary information before making an important decision.
Selection instructions for registering with IEO can be found on social networks, links to which are located just below. The most convenient way to ask a question or clarify the details of IEO is to go to the teegram chaannel of the company Collective ( ), which already has about 5K users today and this figure is growing daily. Friendly administrators are always ready to answer any of your questions and help you deal with all the details for participating in IEO.
Join the telegram channel right now and be aware of all the events and news. Join IEO and soon your investment will begin to generate a steady income, which will delight you every day!

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