New Blockchain Lottery - Tombola

Good day to all! Blokchejn with all its advantages and adaptability finds its application in other areas, except for banking or commercial. For example, the gaming industry is gradually looking for the most successful ways of using block technology in its projects. Just about one of them will be discussed today.
It's called Tombola.

🎟️About the project

Tombola is developed as a gaming lottery platform, where everyone can buy tickets and win for an internal token. Winnings will also be paid in tokens, which you can use again to test your luck. Fortunately, there will be plenty of ways to do this.

The use of the blockade in the lottery sphere is not accidental, because its use is solved by a number of scandalous problems: not always the organizers of lotteries are honest people, so even having won, you can never see your money. Also it is not clear how the prize fund is used, from which it is formed, and how much of it goes to the winners.

So, based on the blockbuster and using the technology of smart contracts in its work, the Tombola platform is completely honest, transparent and safe. All transactions and records of winnings will be recorded in the block, and no one else will ever be able to change or delete them. In this case, all information will be available at any time,
including the operations with the prize fund. By the way, the project team decided that part of each fund will be sent to charity in various countries. Smart contracts guarantee the payment of winnings to the purse of the winner.

Also, for convenience, with the development of the project, it is planned to create special ATMs, giving access to the means and results of games. Won tokens in the near future can be sold at exchanges-exchangers, or in the same place to buy for participation in lotteries.
It is noticeable that the prolet team was thoroughly prepared in order to revive the market of gambling and bring it to a new level.

🎟️Platform's structure

Now let's take a closer look at what this gaming platform offers us.

- "Black and White"
Very simple, but at the same time, an honest lottery, where you will be offered to choose one of the 2 buckets. Then they will start to fill, and which of them is filled, turns out to be winning. Winners at the same time, they reward their award,
multiplied by 1.98.

- "Turtle Race"
Analog tote, where you bet on winning one of the turtles. Which came faster to the finish, she won, giving the entire amount to the owner!

- "Three Dice"
It's also a pretty simple lottery: you're guessing a number that is supposed to give out three abandoned dice. Then there is a roll of dice,
and depending on how close you are to the result, you get a win multiplied by a coefficient.

- "5/20"
Classical lottery, in which the win will depend on the coincidence of numbers with the prize.

The results of each draw lottery are coded using intra-platform algorithms, and then transferred to a chain of blocks,
and winnings are paid to wallets through smart counter-attacks.

The developers plan to supplement this list with 5 more types of lotteries, but this will happen later, with the popularity of the platform.

🎟️ About the token and ICO

As mentioned above, the platform works with its own token, called TBL. At the moment, a token can be obtained from sales,
organized to raise funds for the development of the platform, finalizing encryption algorithms and launching new types of lotteries.

Here are the highlights of ICO:

Sales take place until August 31, 2018

  • Name of the token: TBL (ERC20)
  • Token emission: 500 000 000 TBL
  • For sale: 250 million TBL
  • The price for the token: 1 TBL = 0.0414 $
  • SoftCap: 25 000 000 TBL
  • HardCap: 250,000,000 TBL


The Tombola gaming platform offers a fairly large selection of different lotteries, as well as innovative methods aimed at reviving the gambling industry as a whole, as well as its modernization, adjusted for modern technologies. Also, as one of the pioneers,
The platform should reveal the full potential of the blockade in the gaming industry.

Project's Team


✒️Author: moguchiybrat

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