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50x Exchange - Professional Master Account ( Hedge Fund ) + A2A Technology

Create your Master Account and manage other people's coins for a share in profit with 50x Exchange's Trading Terminal

Launch Your Own Hedge Fund:
Fair profit sharing model.
Built-in protection for traders and users.
No setup or running fees.

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Verified performance
We track your performance and show metrics for your customers so they could make their own educated judgment about your trading. You can select how much info about your trades and strategy will be available for the users, from a fully transparent log with the trades to mere metrics available to the public. Your choice.

Profit Sharing Model
As a manager, you can set your own level of the rewards up to 50% from your account profits.
Apply to become a partner. No hidden fees.

Protected Account
There is no way for the manager to withdraw managed funds from PMA. Users can be sure that their coins and tokens are safe and can only be used for trading. Only users can withdraw their part of the funds.

Protected Trading
As a manager, you specify the coins you wish to use in your trading, and also some other parameters reducing the risks for the users. For example, you can limit your account to BTC and ETH trades so users can be sure they will not end up with a bunch of bad coins. This function increases the users' trust. 50X does not tolerate or allow for scammers to pass their system. 50X understands the unique techniques needed to detect scammers and keep it's users safe while trading. The system will guide clients to stay within the limits to avoid potential scams.

50x exchange tracks your performance and shows the correct metrics in order to help customers determine if your trading is truly valuable. Customers are better able to make their final determination whether your trading is reputable. 50X allows their clients to decide how much information about their trading strategies are available for customers to view. The options for trade visibility range from a complete and detailed log to a simple public log.

Clients can apply to become a partner without hidden fees. The manager can't withdraw the funds from PMA. 50X's users can rest assured that their coins and tokens remain secure in their accounts. The coins and tokens will only be used for trading purposes.

Each user is able to manage their own account and specify which coins, in particular, they would like to use in the trading process. There are many steps that 50x's clients can take to reduce the risk of trading loss. 50x's clients can limit their accounts to operate only as BTC and ETH trades. The primary purpose of this action is to increase the trust amongst users.

50x does not place restrictions on trading bots. The purpose of this is to allow trading bots in the process of transactions. Trading bots can raise profit margins and work seamlessly with 50x. 50x will list their client's accounts with key metrics. They will list their client's accounts with other PMA accounts.

Telegram Notifications
Be in control what happens in your account. Our system will send notifications by telegram what is happening in the trading terminal.

"Any To Any" (A2A) technology and Liquidity
50X is the first cryptocurrency exchange and crypto liquidity aggregator on the market that allows you to trade any listed coin for any other without extra conversion operations. This technology is unique and there is no other exchange with similar technology.

"Any To Any" (A2A) technology allows to buy or sell any cryptocurrency listed on 50X for any other from this list directly, without extra conversions. This is an extremely useful feature if you want to move your assets from one coin to another within seconds. The exchange allows doing this with only one trading operation.

You don’t need to transfer your funds to other trading platforms.
You don’t pay extra deposit and withdrawal fees.
You do the conversion with only one trading operation and thus pay only trading commission.

A2A tokens are used as an intermediary to evaluate every listed coin and create a matching pair of orders in the system's core. A2A token holders can get a discount of up to 50% if they pay fees on the 50x platform in A2A tokens from their internal A2A balance.

Liquidity Aggregator
50X uses special technology to gather the best orders from the best cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.
This increases overall liquidity. The exchange is connected to Bittrex, Binance, Huobi.
There are more interfaces ready for connection to 12 extra trading platforms and these interfaces will be activated if it’s needed.

A Large Number of Pairs
"Any to Any" (A2A) technology leads to a large number of trading pairs.
Right now there are about 17 coins listed.
That means you can trade in 272 unique pairs. The closest goal is to increase the number of coins to 100 which will give 10 000 trading pairs in total.

Increased Safety Level
Developers pay a lot of attention to the safety of traders’ funds.
The majority of the funds are stored in cold wallets.

Trading Interfaces
50X offers two types of interfaces: a simple interface for crypto newbies and professional trading terminal for experienced traders.

Interface Customization
50X is the first crypto trading platform which allows customizing the colors of the user interface.
You can not only switch between light and dark templates.

If you have a trading robot you can connect it to 50X using API.
Visit the official support group in Telegram for more details.

API for Applications
Cloud API is designed to be used by 3rd party applications and has full support for account management functions, from the sign up to deposits and withdrawals. Use all the power of 50X in your application.

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