ROMAD meets Inspiralia

ROMAD is always looking for an interesting, unique and inspiring companies, creators and programmers to work and to develop our project's technology popularity with. This is why lately we have had a highly valuable meet up with the Inspiralia company.
Inspiralia (Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia) is an international New Product Development company from Spain, making business in almost 40 countries worldwide.
The mission of Inspiralia is to develop new products for their clients, to improve their sustainability and profitability and thereby contribute to a better society.
The main work duty of the crew starts from the concept generation and innovation strategy through to product development and market launch.
Inspiralia will assist ROMAD in the product preparation for distribution in the EU market.
ROMAD Endpoint Defense is very proud of this meetup we are very excited about future collaboration possibilities with Inspiralia.

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